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  The 111 is a really cool old Wurli. I believe early to mid 1955 only, as I own a 110 dated 12/54, my 111's keybed is dated 3-55, and my 112 is dated 10-55.

It does have (in addition to the "headphone" out) a "speaker" out.

The sus pedal does not mount to the bottom of the piano. The seller is either misinformed, or the piano was modified, though the pictures do not indicate that.

Really great (albeit different) tone, and a true piece of history. Funny how us "keyboard players" get such sticker shock... An electric guitar this rare could fetch tens of thousands.

Rob A:
My boss (guitar player, how's that for irony) was considering buying it.

I'm still not sure if I'm going to let it go by, it depends on how much money my Rhodes repair costs and how much I shell out for Record Store Day. Bad time to take the Rhodes to the shop though, if I hadn't, the decision would be a lot easier.

I asked if there was any sort of box connected to the side (since the 112 has a box on the side that hooks up to the pedal) and he said no, the only thing on the side is the recessed area with the outputs. Is the 110 connected on the side or bottom? Maybe it was changed somewhere during production?

That is funny though, but guitars are worth more having a larger market. I know dozens of people my age who play guitar, but I am the only avid keyboard player.

  On the side opposite the outputs, there are holes where the sus pedal hooks up. 112A (I think 1957ish, essentially a 120 action in the 112 case) is the first model to have the pedal attachment on the bottom.

I am pretty sure that this is the piano that I bought off of craigslist last night from a guy in North Kansas City.  I have owned many Rhodes pianos and a Wurlitzer 200A, but had not even heard of this 111 model until seeing this Craigslist ad.

This guy's sister bought this used (she was the second owner) in the 50's and the piano has been in his family ever since.  The piano's exterior is dinged up and painted over (black) but the inside looks very clean and untouched.

This is indeed a 111, not a 112 (according to the metal tag on the back).

Sadly, there is no sustain pedal.  I hope to find one or (more likely) build one.  Does anyone know where I can find information on the sustain pedal for these?

The piano action seems okay, but the notes are very much out of tune.  Where can I find information on the best method to tune one of these things?  I know that it involves adding or removing solder from the tines but it looks nearly impossible to do while the tine is installed.  Is there a method of tuning the individual tines outside of the piano?

There are a few notes that don't play, but it appears to be a simple misalignment of the hammers.  One tine is broken and I can replace this easily enough.

Given that the original paint has already been painted over, I am thinking about refinishing and repainting the exterior a different color to give it some personality.

If anybody has information on this 111 that might be helpful I would very much appreciate it.  Also, let me know if you would like photos or other information on this model.

Also - does anybody know if this was the keyboard Ray used for "What'd I Say"?  After hearing the tone I have high hopes!


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