Misaligned half wood hammer (now with pics)

Started by Dote, July 31, 2009, 06:53:45 PM

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SO I had this C1 note that was dull had no sustain and double-strikes, no matter what I did. Raising or lowering the escapment did not help. After swapping in the adjacent tonebar and still having the same problems, I figured it must be something with the hammer.

First I checked whether the hammer did move sidewards indicating a loose hammer flange. But that was ok. Then I finally noticed, that the wooden part of the hammer was tilted towards the pickups resulting in a different strike line than the other hammers.

I pulled out the hammer in question and it seems, that the wooden part had been misaligned from the factory. Ever so slightly, but it did have a profound effect. See pics for that.




Vintagevibe shows how to fix problems like this with all plastic hammers by applying some heat, but in my case the only fix was to either replace the hammer or to repair it.

I tried to cut away the glue with a sharpie and then to pull out the wooden hammer. Unfortunately there is a pin coming from the plastic butt part inserting in the wooden hammer and that pin (6.1 mm diameter) of course broke of. So I had to redrill the holes and install a replacement pin (6.5 mm) made out of aluminum. After glueing the hammer worked as it is supposed to do. No more dull tine sound and double strikes.

And whilst I was at it, I removed one more layer of the black cardboard shims on the bass side which resulted in a much better feel and sound.



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