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Split harp mod?

Started by eddie_bowers, July 02, 2019, 06:58:17 PM

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So I have this 72 stage I'm getting back to working order.
When I got it there was a very amateurish preamp added (and additional hole drilled in the rail. One of the reasons it was cheap is because this mod was not fuctioning and the seller could get sound out of it.

Now that I'm close to done with the action mod and replaced a pickup (among other things) I trying to decide if I want to put in another preamp.

With a little guitar EQ pedal (from the harp) a little bump in the high end makes the lower half sound amazing. I mean this thing barks and growls! But the high end gets harsh. I tried mellowing it out with voicing but it just isn't happening.  So I was thinking that II split the harp i could easily design a preamp that would EQ the low notes only and then mix them back together.

Is this a crazy idea?

As far as the electronics are concerned I'm proficient in small audio signal design. Almost all of my guitar effects are either original designs or my take on classic circuits.


This idea makes a lot of sense to me, as I've experienced the same piercing high notes.  It certainly seems possible to split the harp and would only require a few bits and bobs plus a bit of soldering to achieve.  Seems to me there are advantages (and probably disadvantages) to being able to process different halves of the harp as you please. EQ/FX/Amps could all be applied separately.  Sounds fun. Good luck!


Well if nobody else has tried it Im down to experiment. It's easy to reverse. I will probably test it with a couple of standalone pedals and a summing amp/buffer before I start too far down the road of making a board.


Do it!  Having built-in active control of tone and volume of each side of the split would probably be really nice.   

I really like the split mod. 
See and

My passive version is easy to plug into a two-channel mixer to get greater tone control and experiment with different EQs and effects.

It sounds like a hella fun project, and would be great to see the results.



That's great, Thanks!
I have a few more things to finish up first, but will report back on the progress.