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Title: No room for bump mod?
Post by: colibas on August 21, 2021, 08:47:55 PM
Hi, All--
1977 Rhodes, here.
In marking where to place the bump for the miracle mod, it looks as though there is not much room. Following the instructions, I press the key and place the bump just in front of the hammer cam. The bump actually hangs over the edge of the pedestal. This is the case for both treble and bass.

So, should I still make the modification?
Title: Re: No room for bump mod?
Post by: Tines&Reeds on August 22, 2021, 04:01:05 PM
Then you should move the action rail to the back. :-) this will give you more room for this modification.
Title: Re: No room for bump mod?
Post by: colibas on August 22, 2021, 04:58:26 PM
Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure I can move the action rail. It's aluminum, bolted in at several points, at a fixed distance from the front.

Title: Re: No room for bump mod?
Post by: colibas on August 24, 2021, 10:24:32 AM
I'm wondering whether I understood what Tines&Reeds said.
I'm also wondering if I could glue a piece of wood or plastic to the front face of the pedestal, sticking up enough to create the bump.

Title: Re: No room for bump mod?
Post by: Tines&Reeds on August 26, 2021, 01:08:49 AM
Shifting the action rail might give you enough room for this modification. Loosen the five machine screws in the aluminum rail und shift the rail to the back, tighten it again and check if there is enough room for it now. If not you can remove the action rail completely and widen the holes of the nuts bigger with a file to be able to shift it to the back even more.

Please note, that you need to reset your strikeline after doing so.

I personally would not glue something to the pedestal at least if it's an aluminium rail. On a wooden action rail it's a different case because shifting the action rail is not that easy due to the countersunk screws used to tighten it to the keyboard frame.
Title: Re: No room for bump mod?
Post by: qlyde1973stage on October 08, 2021, 11:49:06 PM
2 Questions,

First, What type of pedestal do you have? Flat or Slanted? Sometimes the Flat pedestals are pretty short in legnth. People often get confused and think you dont need a bump mod if you have a slanted pedestal but the slant is just as bad or worse than the flat because they are actually just a longer pedestal with a Slant cut out of the top. So be sure to install the bump mod if you have slanted pedestals (I do)

Second, Are you sure those are the Original Keys that came with the Rhodes? Something I didn't know until recently (Vintage Vibe explained this to me when i was thinking of buying a Vintage Key to replace one of mine) is that Rhodes Keys were built by hand specifically for each piano that they were going into. MEANING, a 1973 Slanted Pedestal Key #48 will be slightly different thickness, length and Post Holes Placement as another 1973 Slanted Pedestal #48 from a different piano. They will usually still fit and sometimes it even requires modification but if they're not original it could throw things off a little. Example: Like where your hammer sits on the pedestal, how far the front of the key sticks out compared to the ones beside it or the clearance between keys could be too tight/too loose. I see people online sometimes selling a full set of Keys for a Rhodes, but they wouldn't necessarily fit in the piano you have even if they are the right keys.

So if your keys are not original your pedestals may not line up properly with the hammer, But even if they ARE original, Every single Rhodes has it's quirks. They weren't always held to the highest standards during production or Quality Control stages. Remember CBS owned the company lol.

*Solution: In my opinion your best option for this would be to do what you said, I wouldn't want to start drilling holes in the Action Rail to move it back. Action Rail moves can also affect the key dip and you could end up ruining something if you make a mistake.
I would get a piece of wood, and cut out a bunch of "pedestal extensions". Some wood stores might even cut them all for you. But make sure to make it the same height and don't just glue on some tiny thing at the end of the pedestal because those could fall off or lose stability over time. Make it the same height so it stands on the key shaft and make it like 1/8th - 1/4 " wide so it extends the length available on the top of your pedestals by that much. In the end you'd want it to look un-noticable, almost like they were built that way. So that if you were looking at them and didn't know, you wouldn't realize that it was even done. Then you'll have a little extra room to place your bump mod on.

Here's a simple sketch -> (