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Title: Rules for using this forum
Post by: Cormac Long on September 24, 2010, 06:34:29 AM
These should be obvious to most.. but here we go..

We will remove posts and if necessary accounts of anyone who abuses this forum or its users. If you are offended by a given post or PM and want to escalate an issue, contact myself either by PM or email: There is also a "Report to moderator" link on each and every post which you can use to alert to us to posts or topics which you feel are inappropriate.

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"Rhodes" and the Rhodes logo are registered trademarks of Joseph A. Brandstetter.

Just some links that may prove useful for users that like to track activity on this forum etc.

List of recent posts
The following will list recent posts on the forum, most recent on top:

If like me, you like reading forums and news feeds using RSS, then the following link will show you the most recent 50 posts on the forum:;action=.xml;limit=50

Posting images or links to images
A common problem for some users.. see here for details on what to do..