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Title: Rule updates relating to Vendors using this forum..
Post by: Cormac Long on August 08, 2012, 03:49:04 PM
Hi folks,
    just wanted to let you know about some new rules we have added in relation to vendors using this forum.

We value the contributions of all our members, and want to work with our members that have commercial interests in order to allow them to promote their businesses while continuing to contribute to our community in a meaningful way.

We recently decided it would be best to label the accounts of all our members who are in the business of furnishing, servicing, or otherwise selling electric pianos and keyboards.

By doing this, we hope to maintain an atmosphere of respectful mutual assistance for all our members. By making it clear when a poster has a commercial interest, we aren't aiming to discount that member's opinion; rather it's a way for all our members to readily identify community contributions of our valuable members who do have commercial interests.

Most of the vendors contributing to this forum have gone far above and beyond in helping our members, and we want to honor and respect that in the way we treat vendors that serve our community.

The specific changes we made are listed here..

You can see the full set of rules here..

    Cormac Long, Forum Admin (dresdner353)
    Rob Arnold, Moderator (Rob A)