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Title: MKV Hammer Tips
Post by: goldphinga on January 26, 2019, 09:35:53 AM
Hey guys. Im currently working on a MKV, only the 2nd Ive worked on as they are very rare here in the UK. The original tips were very grooved so I couldnt keep them. Anyway, I installed a VV graduated tip set which I generally use for all post 75 pianos and they work great on every piano Ive used them in. However, the MKV is a different beast. The woodcore sounds great, the second hardest tips sound good (if a little duller than expected) and the other ranges (red, green, yellow) sound great yet with a lot more overtone and less deep bass. (Thats my observation anyway).

I'd love to get any insight or tips on the ranges and type of tips you use to get an even tone across the board. When you're renovating a MKV what are you using?

Any info much appreciated. Not much out there regarding replacing tips on a V and whats the best way to go. Im going to experiment myself this week and will report back but thought Id ask anyway.


Title: Re: MKV Hammer Tips
Post by: pnoboy on January 30, 2019, 11:41:00 AM
I tried a VV set of graduated tips on my '78 stage piano and, FWIW, found the rubber too hard--especially at the bass end.  I could easily feel the difference in the rubber Fender used at the bass end and the rubber supplied by VV.  The Fender rubber was noticeably softer.  The hardness of the bass VV tips caused the bass notes to produce too much noise.
Title: Re: MKV Hammer Tips
Post by: goldphinga on February 14, 2019, 09:21:12 AM
Yeah the VV bass tips are definitely harder, the rest work great for me in normal config now that Ive played the piano in a bit and my ears have now gotten used to the extra harmonics since my first post. I kinda like the harder tips in the bass as you get more 'zing' in the top end, however you do notice the transition from these tips to the next more. VV suggest using their red angled tips instead for the MKV bass range, these are the same as bass end square tips but angled. (softer rubber essentially).
Title: Re: MKV Hammer Tips
Post by: bourniplus on February 18, 2019, 01:49:58 PM
Hi, there is this thread from a few years ago in which you participated:

At the end of thread I describe what I did for the middle of the range. I never replaced the original bass hammers so I can't help you with that.