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Hey all! I have here a couple pianos that have some badly worn/torn straps that secure the compartment door shut on the stage piano lid.
Anyone have any ideas on how to replace them? What material are they? Perhaps I can buy some raw vinyl and cut some strips?

OR I've never loved this design, anyone have a better latch solution that looks decent and will do the job?

Thanks so much for the input, strange request, I know, but this one has me stumped...
Hey all! Since I work mostly alone and have been doing more re-tolexing work, I came up with a very easy/effective solution to help applying the main tolex to the Keyboard base/lid that I thought I'd share!
Tolexing the sides I've found to be pretty easy, but suspending the case to apply the main center tolex I've found to be a bit troublesome without a helping hand to lift/position etc.

I came up with a simple solution of cutting 2 - 1x11x24 common boards, placing holes in them to match the location of the handles on the sides, then glue on some non-abrasive carpet and voila, you can attach these to either side of the case using some longer #10-32 screws and it will hold the case off the bench a few inches so any tolex doesn't get stuck where you don't want it or just creased/mangled in general.

As a bonus, if you buy the VV handles or hardware set, it comes with an extra set of extra long screws that work perfect! Boom!

Maybe y'all have a tasty system worked out on your end, but I was pumped when this worked like a charm for me :-)

Check out the pics in action!
Hey guys! Figured I'd chime in here since no one has jumped in, have no fear, that is completely normal.
The front rail felts under the keys are only there as a last effort to protect from further damage if a key is able to be pressed down that far from misuse/broken tine/hammer etc.
Normal use and setup should not engage them at all. I've seen occasionally people have shimmed/doubled them to engage the key as a quick fix for over-striking etc. but again, that's usually just a temporary fix.

FYI Wurlitzer EP's on the other hand do make contact with the front rail felts and they are a part of the feel and action of the piano.  ;)
Hey all! Very long time listener, first time caller, and thrilled to be an official member here!
I've been maintaining my studio boards/collection for a long time and have decided to go deeper and do some full restorations instead of quick fixes.
As a side note, long time fan of Vintage Vibe and play drums for a group led by the CT legend Chuck Chesler that performs on a very early VV EP.
Just wanted to throw that in here, since their boards are second to none, can't wait to own one someday, not to mention everyone on their team has been incredibly helpful over the years keeping me up and running!

Now, sorry to post such a lame post as my first official entry, but here's the deal, I'm looking to buy some Key Post lube in a more bulk format and do a bunch of pianos with it.
I've used and enjoyed the VV Key Post lube, but it isn't economical to buy in large quantity.

Looks like my options are:
Protek CLP - Seems to be widely used among piano techs.
Mclube 444A - Dare I say it looks and seems very...very similar to the VV lube...maybe they would recommend using over Protek?

Any thoughts on what's better, or did I miss a better option?

I promise I'll have more juicy posts soon!
Huge thanks  ;D