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@Tines&Reeds thanks a lot for your help.
Thank you Steveo.
The Protek REALLY helped my action! Way smoother and easier.
Quote from: Tines&Reeds on October 14, 2021, 03:47:16 PMHere is the solution:

On a '73 Rhodes you have the single damper arms. These are not connected to ground by factory and though act as antenna. Get some copper foil wot conductive adhesive and properly ground the damper arms.
It should be dead quiet after this modification.

Hi @Tines&Reeds and @qlyde1973stage do you have any more details on how to do this solution? Pictures would be really helpful!

Thanks guys!


I've just bought some Protek CLP and would like to know how to apply it safely.

1.Do I remove the green felts before applying? Same with balance rail felts?
2.Do I need to let the pins dry a bit before reintroducing the felts?
3.Would Protek CLP help to make my sustain pedal easier if I'd lube the damper pins?

I would like to hear a warmer tone on the top range. I've seen suggestions about using softer tips. I don't want to use felt tips but rather softer Neoprene or rubber tips. Any suggestions? I have a few spares Red, Green Yellow and White tips. Would these be useful instead of the standard woodcore tips?