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Hi Jenzz
I came across a few twisted ones. Of course I may be using them, but wondered about their dimension. Right under the head they are 4.1. I'm convinced its a proprietary screw.

Thanks fx,

saw them, but unfortunately I need only screws...

Hi everyone!

I'm new here and signed up just for a quest which bothers me quite a while: Just disassembled my Mark I 73 Stage piano (1977) which I own for about twenty years. Purchased new grommets (avionstudios) and wondered about the dimension of the appropriate screws. I analyzed the thread (of course inch), but wasn't able to assign it to a standard screw dimension.

So I assume, that this screw is a proprietary development of the Rhodes company.
Am I right? If so, does anybody know if there is a substitute, perhaps an european one?

Thanks in advance for any hints which lead me to the right direction!