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Hello! First time posting here but long time reader. I just swapped my stage mk1 for a suitcase mk1 79. At first I was pretty happy with the action but the more I played the more it felt a bit sluggish.

After watching many vids and reading many posts I deducted that key dip had be addressed first. I then realized that it is wayyyy too deep in comparison to what is recommended by VV or the og user manual. A pressed key will go down to almost touch the tolex case (before after touch).

So I took out the action out of the case and I don't see hints of shimming, it looks pretty flat and the felt doesn't seem too thick.

With all of that in mind what can be done to fix this deep dip? All I find online if videos of how to fix too shallow dips.

Thanka very much!
Buying / Fender rhodes in Canada
March 20, 2008, 06:22:02 PM
Hi, I live in Canada Quebec I ve been looking for a rhodes lately, but cant seem to find one :( could you help me? Searching for a mk1 1974 and lower( I would gladly  buy on ebay but shipping scares me!) thanks!