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It's great that they're coming out with more Rhodes sounds, but I don't know how "new" it is.  Sounds like that same old samples (mkv) reworked then Amped.  I have a hard time believing that a new sampled Rhodes would have the same Nord bit to it especially when compared to other samples like Red Tape, Neo Soul, CFrentzen ect. They sound good, but I've never heard a Real Rhodes sound like the Nords do.  Once the excitement of it being new wears down I think more will agree.. it's just not good enough for the times. 

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: Favorite Rhodes solo
« on: May 15, 2013, 04:12:56 PM »
Some nice ones so far. This is Robert Walter from Greyboy Allstars playin on "Happy Friends"

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Favorite Rhodes solo
« on: May 14, 2013, 03:37:46 PM »
Not sure if this has been done on here yet, but I thought it might be interesting to hear some of your favorite Rhodes or Wurly solos.  Maybe share a youtube link so we can start a collection here.  A few of mine to start.

George Duke  Au-Right

Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathustra

Matt Cooper's Rhodes solo with Redtenbacher's Funkestra

Thanks, Yeah I'd like to learn how to do it all myself but it would be nice to find some one to coach me the first time around. I waiting for his reply and maybe I check it out this weekend. Thanks again.


Can you guys let me know if this is a good deal. My only concern is if I'd be able to fix the problem with the pick ups. is that an easy fix or would it have to be looked at by a tech?

Sorry I've been working a lot. I live in North west Connecticut. I'd say about 4 hours is the longest I'm willing to drive. I saw that one from Providence and I think that looks pretty good. Thanks so much for thinking of me, this is the best!

Damn! That one from washington looks pretty nice.  6 hours is a drive though. I knew you guys wouldn't dig the VST option. I Just thought you guys might knock some sense into me.  I know in my heart that I wouldn't be happy with anything else. I bought a Nord a while back and absolutely hated the Rhodes and Wurly patches the first time I played it. I had to trick myself into believing they were good enough because of how expensive they are.  Trying to record it one day I freaked out and instead of smashing it on the ground I decided to sell it. I made all my money back and vowed to get the real deal no matter what, but as time goes on it gets harder and harder to stay true.  There is always the option of saving up a little more to get a refurbished one.

Yeah really!  I even suggested he might want to sell it for parts.  I just wish I picked one up in the 90's when schools and Grandma were giving them away. Do any of you use VST's Live? Scarbee, Mr ray.  Although I'm trying to go the organic route, I do like the way they sound.  This is my daily battle. One minute I'm think.. "No I need a Rhodes for the sound, feel, look, and most importantly the inspiration".  But then I speak with someone that completely disagrees with all that and I start think they might be right. Eventually I'd like to have both, but at the moment I can only afford one major purchase. There's just too many people out there thinking just because somethings vintage its gotta be worth a fortune. They don't realize that the ones that are $3000 are totally refurbished. They almost see it as.. "Oh thats what they're worth".  It can be very frustrating when you've been searching for a year and you either just miss one, or they're not what you thought. Sorry I just realized I'm venting a little here.  I value all your opinions and thought I'd pick your brains on that topic. Thanks

Thanks man. Yeah I'm definitely more prepared for what to expect and this one was a good point of reference.  I suppose it is all about patience.. well patience and scouring over craigslist. The right one will come to me I feel.

So I was just able to check out the one for $800 yesterday.  As soon as a played one note I knew something was wrong. The action was way too fast and light for a 1973 mark 1. All the keys had been replaced with the mark 2 plastic ones, which felt like a toy. Almost all of the Hammers were not alined with the tines. The overall sound it produced was distorted and muddy. My intuition told me that this Rhodes had been stored in an attic space or someplace with a lot of humidity. This caused the original wooden keys to swell and the plastic hammers to warp. When I told him about this his response was.. "Yeah well A lot of people like the Mark 2 action better".  When I said I couldn't take it he kept dropping the price all the way down to $300. Honestly I'd feel cheated if he gave it to me.

Still waiting to hear back from the Providence guy.

That picture kinda scares me though. If you have a Rhodes in good condition wouldn't you wanna show it off with good photos inside and out?

Yeah I saw that one too. I'm waiting for the guy to call me. I'm roughly 2 hours from there so its manageable.

Yeah it looks like I wont be able to check it out until tomorrow. I didn't realize it was his second post but the last time I played that game someone beat me to it. Its just the way it is around here, not to many around.  I'm already betting on the action needing some work because it hasn't been played regularly in years.  The thing is a lot of people are just realizing how much an old rhodes it worth and wanna get the most for it. The thing thats hard to pass up is that its complete and in great condition cosmetically. Thanks to this site and all the Knowledgable people who frequent it, I'm able to go there a little bit more prepare than I would have. 

On a different topic... what are your thoughts on the New Vintage Vibe Tine Piano?  Has anyone played it yet? anybody order one? Personally I think they are amazing and its my longterm goal to be a proud owner of one. Thats kinda why I'm investing this money so that I don't blow it on useless stuff that wont be worth much in the future.

Wow! Since I started looking at these about a year ago, I've never seen one that wasn't a total wreck for $400. On average I'd say the good ones were all in the $800 to $1000 range all over the country.  I'm gonna check it out tomorrow and if I like it I'm gonna talk him down on the price. I'd like to get it for $600 but this guys old school and needs the money so we'll see. I'll be sure to report back after the trip. Thanks again fellas

Yes it is. I was just gonna post the pics. What do you guy's think?

Thanks guys. So do you think that $600 to $675 is a good price for a Fender Rhodes logo model? I'm from a small town of Connecticut where you rarely hear about Rhodes pianos let alone people that even know what they are. $800 is definitely out of the question seeing how I just missed my chance at a refurbished 77' for $1000. I mention that to the seller and his reply was  "Yeah well this is a Fender Rhodes Logo". Do those years tend to be worth more?

So Rob's guide seems to suggest the overall tone/sound of any Rhodes can be improved where as the action is the deciding factor. I was under the impression that most of the earlier "Fender Rhodes" had bad or heavy action. Is that true? Is it wise to take the harp off for a closer inspection of the tines, grommets, and pickups?

Thanks for the advice guys. Yeah its a 73 stage. I'm gonna try and talk him down to $600 and If he doesn't take it then I'm not gonna do it. I'd love to be able to afford a Vintage Vibe 64 those sound amazing but I just don't see myself having that kind of money anytime soon. That Guide it great Rob.

I've found a guy in my area selling his rhodes. He's not sure of the exact date, but its got the Fender Rhodes logo so I would imagine its and earlier one. I've tried to do my homework on these things to narrow down what I want. I definitely want a Mark 1 and I do like the tone of the earlier ones, however I know that finding a "good" one is hit or miss. I've heard people say that sometimes there's nothing you can do to make some of them sound good. This is a bit confusing to me as I haven't played enough to know. Is it something that jumps out at you? Or is it something that you find out the hard way?  apparently he's the second owner and was good friends with the original owner. He says its been stored in a dry place but hasn't been played (aside from testing it out to sell it) in 6 years. I guess he's a guitar player who wanted to learn the keys, but never really did much with it.  He's asking $800 for it but he said he's willing to take a fair offer. Can you guys please give me a few pointers on what exactly to look for and or listen for. I can't afford to make a bad investment and my dreams of owning a rhodes would of course be shattered if I bought a lemon.

Thanks in advance guys

Just put $1000 in the bank yesterday to start my vintage vibe fund.  Just wondering if anybody ordered one yet and if so which one?  what do we do about a Case? I plan on using mine on tour and I haven't heard or seen a top or case being advertised.

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: My new Rhodes!
« on: January 24, 2011, 03:05:56 PM »
If it was early 70's wouldn't it have the "Fender Rhodes" on it?

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: New Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos
« on: January 14, 2011, 03:57:11 PM »
Sounds like a rhodes. I would like to hear it without the background noise though.. is there any proper demos up yet?

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: New Vintage Vibe Electric Pianos
« on: January 10, 2011, 06:56:17 PM »
This is all I've ever wanted in a rhodes... sounds good, plays good, light weight, and Brand spanking NEW!!!  Does it get any better?  I'm going with the Red sparkle top 73 passive. Its about all I can afford at the moment and I've gotta have it.

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: Dynamics of the Rhodes
« on: January 10, 2011, 03:36:51 PM »
A preamp can only give you the illusion of more bark. Its the nature, heavy hammer strike you're after. In all honesty the mark II only really barks in the mid range with some adjustments. The hammers just don't throw as hard as the early mark 1's. Mark II was designed to have more clarity in the tone, to cut better in a live mix.. which they do. There logic was that the barky distortion of the mark 1 was bad and never anticipated people 40 years later loving that sound. You can hear through the years the evolution from barking mud to clear as a bell. Your best bet is to take it to a friendly tech who is willing to get into it with you. At the very least you'll get more then you have now.
Good luck.

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: Food for Thought
« on: January 05, 2011, 04:15:26 PM »
I'm hoping the base level (black one) will be within my reach. If they start at $4k, I might have to pass this round and see whats shakin next year. I could add a lot to my studio with that kinda money.

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: Food for Thought
« on: January 03, 2011, 08:28:25 PM »
Any chance we can get a brief description of what the action is like?

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Re: Food for Thought
« on: January 03, 2011, 08:23:55 PM »
WoW!!  Very intuitive design.  You sold me on looks alone buy then you start talking about early 70's tone and I'm looking around my studio thinking what can I sell. When? Where? How Much?

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