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Thank you for that very enlightening info!  Much appreciated!

Thank you for the insights spave.  You're right, I don't like the keybed of my Mk II and that's the main reason why I want to replace it.

Do the earlier models have a mellower sound compared to the 78-79 MK I and MK II?

I also noticed that you excluded the pianos from mid 75 to 77.  Are there any particular reasons why these aren't the "best years" and are there certain things to look out for when buying pianos from this period?

I don't mind doing a bit of work on the piano if needed. Thanks again. 

I currently have a Mk II Stage 73 from 1982 and am looking for a Mk 1 (either Stage or Suitcase) to replace it. 

What year would you suggest I look for? 

What are the pros and cons on the various changes made over the years the Mk 1 was made?
Thanks for the replies.  Sorry it took awhile for me me to read them.

It was one of the optocouplers as well the intensity pot and a couple of capacitors.  It works now, except for the LED which is always lit even if the vibrato is turned off.  The switch itself tested ok, and I don't know why the LED stays lit all the time. 

Hi. I will be ordering a set of rubber tips and damper felts from VV and was wondering if I should order grommets too.   

1.  When should the grommets be replaced? 

2. Are there any signs or symptoms that remind you that it's time to rellace them?  It's quite obvious for the felts and the rubber tips but I'm not really sure about the grommets. 

3.  What's the impact of the old grommets to the overall sound of the tines?


The vibrato of my 1982 Mark 2 (with sliders) does not work.  The LED light speeds up and slows down when I move the speed pot, but I cannot hear any vibrato happening on either channel.

The EQ sliders and the volume pot work as they should , and in general, the preamp works except for the vibrato.  Any ideas on what could be wrong or needs to be replaced?  Thanks.