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I appreciate the feedback Steve and no offense taken.  I know it's not a perfect recording.  I've been reading the forum for several years and wanted to get some input, particularly on the Wurlitzer tone.

I'm not sure the amount of compression that was put on the drums.  Our regular drummer couldn't make the session so the recording engineer was nice enough to sit in with us at the last minute  :D

For this classic Tom Petty track, we ran the Wurly through a Groove Tubes Brick tube DI into an API pre.  The Wurlitzer 200A was completely restored by Vintage Vibe (thanks Chris & Adam)!

What do you guys think of the recording technique?  Any feedback?

For those into phaser swirl, check out our version of 'Wish You Were Here':

We used a 1973 Rhodes Stage piano restored by Vintage Vibe with a Maestro PS-1A Phase Shifter in the effects loop of the VV Stereo Vibe preamp.  We ran this through a Sonny Jr Cruncher amp, mostly because that's all we had available for the session!

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