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Thank you for your answer! Actually I discovered the wurly only recently, thanks to a beautiful video that presents it and makes you listen to some songs in which it was played. It has a really beautiful sound.
Now I will study how to find a similar sound on my synth, I can not afford the real one :D

Hello everybody!
this is my first post here, I take this opportunity to greet everyone, I'm Emanuele from Genoa (Italy).
My synth is a Yamaha S90ES and I'm still learning.

I'm writing this message because I fell in love with the sound that Sam Beste uses in these two pieces of Amy:

The keyboard is the same as mine, which has really good EPs, but this it doesn't seem an internal patch.
The reaason why I love this EP sound is that the bass part is little metallic, pasty and warm.
Can anybody help me?

Thank you!

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