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They are perfectly straight until the little tongue holding the bridle straps.
Problem is, if they were straight, they wouldn't touch the tine at all?
On the other hand, you can see the arms in the treble section, they work just as they should and are straight and the bridle straps are lose but pull the damper immediately after i push the key.
Should I bend the arms to be straight?

The piano is from 1981.

Edit: the thing is, after thinking about it, the bend up arms seem to lower the tongue that hold the bridle straps. Straighten the arms would also tighten the bridle straps but the arms are already pushed down by the damper rail?

Hello :)

i'm restoring my mk2 73 and got some problems with the dampers and bridle straps.
I reduced the harp height (a lot), and right now the escapement ist about 8mm in the middle section.
Now I have the problem, that my dampers produce a lot of noise when I release the keys because the damper comps don't produce enough pressure on the tine. But if I increase the tension the won't lift enough to let the tine swing.
I discovered, that the bridal straps are very loose and only straighten very late leading to maybe 2mm-3mm movement of the dampers.
Bass and treble section have about 10mm.
Here's a short video of the problem:
Do I have to replace the bridle straps or is there another solution?

Edit: after I disassembled a set of hammers i recognized the bridle straps should have the right length, even a bit shorter than they are supposed to be. I can't get the hole of the bridle straps on that little nipple on the hammers. please help, what's wrong with my rhodes?  :'(


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