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How interesting...I observed to that! He was moving around on the keyboard more than the other times I've seen them!
I really did enjoy the show! The sound he was putting out sat very well in the mix. He seemed to be pretty inspired playing that piano. I was wondering if it was a console...thx for letting us know. He always has that big picture of Duke Ellington and his band on the stage side of his Rhodes so it took me a while to realize he wasn't playing it. I still wasn't sure if it was a Stage or Console model though.
I had the pleasure of seeing Steely Dan last night...Donald Fagen was sounding really good on what looked to me like Vintage Vibe EP!
"Decades of perfect pure digital sounds dictatorship need a raw revenge" that's the best thing I've read on a keyboard forum in six months  ;D !
Wow...that's so great! Congratulations!

Reminds me that I have to get my copy that I loaned to my piano teacher back. Ha!     
I've read it cover to cover and it's a really fun read. I'm still dropping in randomly in chapters and enjoying it! Whoever edited it did a great job. I ordered it from my local book store and was beyond excited when it finally came in. 
Other Keyboards & Software Synths / Re: Whammy bar
December 26, 2019, 02:59:14 PM
Hi Benjamin,
No need to worry...Ken Rich is as legit as it gets when it comes to vintage keyboards. Don't forget it's the week of Christmas and that might slow down processing of your order. I'd say if you haven't heard back by the end of the week you could give him a call on Monday. He really knows his stuff but Ken Rich Sounds is relatively small business that doesn't necessarily have extensive web order support.