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Thank you so much for your answers so far!

Since Signal to Noise is low on my Piano I wonder if the capacitors are to blame.

Since it is 24 caps I also think they might introduce certain electric properties which lead to lower output gain?

20 of the used caps used are Wima MKS-4

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / Loads of Pickup Capacitors
« on: June 25, 2021, 06:21:24 AM »
Heyhello everyone,

glad to be on board. A few years back I bought a Rhodes which I did a lot of repair work on. Mostly mechanics and pickup replacements. It was in a very weird condition tho.

Somebody made a mod to split the pickup areas into different sections to have different outputs (not sure why anybody would do that, how common is that btw?).

I assume in this process about 24 capacitors have been added (see Pictures). I really don't understand the electrics of the Rhodes too good. Now I wonder why those have been added. Also because my Signal to noise level even after preamping with an "ART Tube MP Studio V3" is quite bad.

Since I don't need the additional outs and don't plan on using them should I remove all the capacitors?
Why are they there?
Is there any good video or read on understanding the rhodes electronics better. I really feel too stupid to e.g. understand why there is pickup groups.

Best Regards from Bremen, Germany, Leander

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