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Hey guys,

I am the lucky new owner of a Fender Rhodes Mark 1 Suitcase from 1970. I couldn't be more excited since I want to restore it and make it sound incredible (or so I hope!).

I'd like to thank you all because the EP Forum is full of useful information!
Yet, I feel like I could use some of your lights before many buyings my rhodes needs.

Here is the deal :

Keybed is playable but some keys are sticky, dumpers are not as effective in the bass section as in the high section, keybed could use a bit of alignment...
Yet, I'm hesitating on buying vintage vibes or avion studio refurb kit, any feedback in between these two brands?

If Vintage Vibes :
Should I go for graduated angled hammer tips as adviced by VV or go for a replica of my keyboard (square but the bass section with felt) ?
Should I buy key punchings and shims ?

If avion studio :
Should I buy new screws or is it worthless ?

Whatever happens, I intend to install the bump mod if it can help with the action.

This rhodes doesn't have any electronic parts - no preamp and no amp - but still have all four original speakers.
If possible, I'd like to have :

  • noiceless, trustful components
  • have a FX loop
  • no destructive changes
... but I wouldn't mind compromises if it's too complicated!

Do you guys have any ideas on what to do?

Note :
I see that I can buy preamp on avion studios or VV but can't find any ready-to-go amp for my cabinet.
Also, I feel like getting the FX loop is a bit tricky. Maybe should I buy a new name rail, or have holes underneath the keyboard straight to the cabinet and have the FX option available to the side of the cabinet (next to the amplification) ???
For what I have seen money shouldn't be a problem since I want that rhodes to shine!! Yet, would 1000 USD be enough?! I live in France and will have plenty of taxes i guess.

Below are the pictures of my rhodes.

Thanks a lot for your help, I'll be craving answers!