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Exciting news! I'm near completion on my bumbling effort to trick out my Rhodes Stage 73 with the advanced ability to sustain, which I've heard is much-prized by elite performers!

A new sustain damper rail pin has flown to me all the way from the country of England, and it fits beautifully. I've installed it - without your help! - as seen here:

Now all I need to do is seat those pins in their respective holes.

The right pin went in like a champ! But then there's the left pin. Doh!

Please don't tell me I need to massively disassemble the innards to complete this. Please tell me there's a simple trick.

Danka, all
Hi, all.

1978 Rhodes Stage 73. Sustain pedal doesn't work for low notes. Also, it makes a thudding sound when engaged. See this very short video. A non-tech at Vintage Vibe suggested:

Quoteit might be the push rod hitting bare wood on the sustain dowel or maybe the side of the dowel that makes contact with the damper rail is missing the felt on that part. Also: make sure the damper pins installed on each end allow the damper rail to move up and down.

But...I've never raised the harp. And can't find a single video showing how to hinge it up. I'm not sure what's securing it, but if I'm supposed to just swing it right up,, it ain't going...

Any illumination for any of this? Or should I bring it in to Vintage Vibe? Or, given that they're an hour away and booked solid, should I try to find a closer tech to take a look? I'm in lower Hudson Valley.