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Hello everyone, long time reader first post.
After years of searching i was lucky enough to find a lovely Pianet M in a decent condition for almost free. Came from a smoke-pet free, temp/humidity controlled house. Almost intact, corrosion & rust free, one of the most well aged keyboards I've ever met. I collect and repair gear, epianos, organs and stuff for 15-20 years now.

After a common full cleaning process (dust off,keys,pads,reeds), late at night, i made a stupid mistake. While re-assembling back the bottom base units (reeds metal ,bottom wooden plate and keys) i put the wooden plate backwards, installed the screws and left like that for about a week in order to repair the amp cabinet later.
So the keys were sitting lifted up and the rear lever hammers/pads lifted down, pushing down the reeds for a whole week.
I only noticed today when finished the amp repair.
Put the wooden bottom plate back in right position and obviously realised some treble notes to be "dead" (pads didn't even touch the reed) as a result of reeds being bent(?).
Is there a way i can fix this?
Could the reeds be recovered back in their previous position by themselves time passing, or what if i slightly bend them back upwards with the help of smthng inserted underneath against pushing up?
I know i can bend the hammer lever ends a bit (common quick fix suggested by VV and many others), already done to one note and did the job indeed, but those notes were playing fine before my mistake, so I'd like to return back to previous original position if possible.
I'm screwed up.