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Hi everyone,

My name is Francois, I live in Greece, and for almost years I dreamt of owning a Rhodes, after a friend let me his own for few weeks. I'm a guitarist and not a piano player, but I really enjoy the sound of it.
I recently came across a beautiful stage mk1 from 1977 for sale in Greece, that's very unusal, im not sure how many Rhodes there are currently in Greece, but I never saw one before for sale, ever !

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This particular one came to Greece with its russian owner in 1980, and was sold around 8 years ago to the guy I bought it from. The seller is a know composer in Greece, working for TV shows, movies and ads, so that Rhodes was featured in many greek productions :)
It was supposed to be refurbished and setup some years ago, with many new parts from vintage vibes.
Tolex is almost flawless, everything is included, even the small bag for the legs, and all gromets/screw/damper/hammer tips/front felt are new. I also came with a second aluminium bar with an original suitacase preamp ( I thought I was going to buy a converted suitcase model initally).
The only concern is that the setup is not very great. The keys very very uneven, with bellies on the bass and treble, not a single one was straight (horizontally), and the sound is pretty poor, and very uneven too. Here are some pictures :

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On the plus side, all the dampers are pretty much levelled, and hammers too.
I'm really not a specialist, but after watching many YT videos, I decided to give it a go myself, and try to improve things. In the next post I'll show the current work, and ask for some advices too !