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I just joined a band with two of my fellow Berklee grads and the keyboard player is running my 71 Rhodes into a Boss Overdrive, then into a Digital Delay, then into a moogerfoger envelope filter with the VCA controlled by a moogerfoger 12-stage phaser. Along with that, he has a custom built Goff Hammond A-100 into a leslie cab. If any of this sounds remotely interesting, visit our website at:

Let us know what you think!!!
The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Post your Studio
April 03, 2006, 11:34:00 PM
Finally got some pics of the studio...

2" 24 Track to the left, 1/4" 2-track to the right
Hill Concept series console
Digidesign MIX+ in the rack
75' Jazz bass(With an onboard 5840 Pentode based preamp)

71' Rhodes
Roland TR-707

Sundown Tube Amp
Fender 70's RI Strat MIJ
65' Framus Acoustic
Hammond M3
Hohner Clavinet II

I still have to get a shot of the grand and the drums. Stay tuned...
In an earlier post, I dealt with fixing the action of my rhodes. I skipped the tie wrap and key pedestal mods and just brushed the felt and sprayed it with silicone and that fixed it right up. In my rush to fix my main problem, I ran into another one.

I didn't put my keys in order when I took them out. I thought that as long as they were numbered, I could put them back, but no... some keys are labelled incorrectly and some black keys are printed with numbers that belong with the white ones.

Does anyone know the proper order that these keys go in? There also isn't a one or two or any single numerical digit until I think eleven or so. Ever since I guessed my way into putting the keys back, some are drastically spaced in some areas and a little tight in others. They worked and looked fine before I took them out so I know they're good, but how do I put them back together properly?
Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / Saggy Keys
August 27, 2004, 06:51:29 AM
I'm new to this forum as much as I'm new to owning a Rhodes. I was one of those guys who said my sampler sounded just as good as a real rhodes. Not wanting to keep making claims based on guesses, I bought a Rhodes Mk1 Stage unit and there is now an Ensoniq ASR-X on eBay. I love the sound I get out of it and it records like a dream.

My only issue is that I find myself getting tired alot faster on gigs due to the fact that I have to slam the keys to get a good tone. I've already adjusted the pickups and I'm halfway done with the tonebars as of now. I've read about a few mods to improve the unit's action, but I don't know where to start. Tie wraps, back checks, re-felting are all mods I've read about, but I don't know where to start.