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Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / Fix for Cracked Harp Cover?
« on: September 30, 2013, 06:47:12 PM »
Not a large crack, about 6" long with a 1" spur (like the letter L), on top (horizontal part) of cover just over the Seventy Three logo. The crack "snaps" back into place smoothly, but any weight on the cover opens the crack again. I thought about some sort of industrial tape on the inside, but that seems a rather inelegant solution. Or is it? I'd be grateful for any suggestions about how to address this issue. My site search did not turn up anything, though I confess I did not search but about this first 100 hits or so. Lots on harp cover scratches, but not on cracks.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / Preamp power supply pins
« on: June 05, 2010, 03:47:09 PM »
On a Mark II Suitcase, blackface slider preamp:

Can someone tell me which pins power the preamp and the supply voltage (i.e., 12Vdc, 24Vac, etc.) that powers the preamp?  I am trying to check the preamp for no output, and the schematic does not seem to indicate the supply voltage.  Also, from the look of the schematic, the power for the preamp appears to be on pins 5 (+) and 1 (ground).  Is this correct?

Sources For Generic Parts & Maintenance Materials / Lubricants
« on: January 31, 2009, 08:55:00 PM »
(1) For lubing guide pins:

CRC Industries Inc. 05074 Heavy-Duty Silicone

(2) For lubing the white pedestal felts on the 75-76 Rhodes that had a bare pedestal:

DuPont Teflon Multi Use Lubricant

(3) Another all-purpose, non-greasy lubricant for pedestal felts (red as well as white):

Tolex, Grill Cloth, Speaker Carpet:

(1) Tolex

Note: the original Tolex is no longer made. Concerning what is available now, see the following post:

Parts is parts

also Mojomusic


(2) Grill Cloth

Parts is parts


(3) Contact cement for attaching Tolex can be found:

(1) at any Home-Depot type supplier:
DAP Weldwood non-flammable Neoprene based Contact Cement

(2) at Antique Electronic Supply, which carries a popular brand (bjammerz says: "great glue, allows you to lay the tolex down and reposition if it's bad") : Search "S-F316 "

(3) Mojomusic seems to have its own Tolex adhesive:

"Our Mojotone Tolex Glue is a one-part, waterbased contact cement. You can achieve beautiful results simply by applying a thin coat (either brushed or sprayed) to both your wood cabinet and the back of the Tolex. Allow the glue to dry to a transparent look (about 30 minutes), then apply the Tolex to the cabinet. You'll have a secure bond in seconds!

Mojotone Tolex Glue is so forgiving that the Tolex can be removed or repositioned without having to re-apply additional glue. Cleanup is a breeze and your final results would make any amp connoisseur envious!"

Here is a text-only account of a do-it-yourself Tolexing job:

And a video for the corners:

(4) Speaker Carpet

The variety of "speaker carpet covering" I used
is actually Ozite:

There is also a self-stick variety, though I've never seen it.

I used this material on my main axe because it is much tougher than Tolex and withstands the rigors of cartage and gigging much better. It looks very smart as well.

Spray adhesive for Ozite covering is available at

(Instabond)  or you can use the higher tack 3M spray adhesives (I used Super 77).

(1) Fender Style Chrome Glides w/Screws: :
Smaller url:

(2) Handles: part #0580

Also :

(3) Corners.

NOTE: There seems to be a discrepancy on some models/years between the dimensions of the original corners and these corners from Reliable. If anyone has a solution or a source for corners whose dimensions correspond exactly to the original corners, please send me the link.

 #1510CS for a Stage or upper keyboard on Suitcase,

#1520CS for a Suitcase speaker cabinet

(4) Latches: #2510

(5) Black oxide versions of corners and latches:

Item: 1510CSTB (w/3 countersunk holes)

Item: 1520CSTB (w/2 countersunk holes and wraparound for Suitcase cabinet)

Item: 2510BK (black latch)

Item: 0570B (strap with black end caps)

Also Black Plastic Strap Handle with Chrome End Caps (incl. mounting hardware) at :

Additional corners: it seems Mojotone has their own brand:

(6) Rubber speaker-cabinet feet to replace steel glides on bottom of Suitcase speaker cabinet (I use them because they're much easier on hardwood floors):


Compared with normal glides:

And attached to the bottom of the speaker cabinet:

Shorter form:

Mojomusic has the same rubber feet:

Note: these are generic grommets and have a slightly different shape from the original grommets used in the Rhodes. Vintage Vibe (see service section) manufactures original style tone bar grommets that allegedly do not tend to tear on install and do "let the tone bar flex or pop properly when a hard note is struck." Contact Chris there for more info.

Otherwise for generic grommets:

McMaster-Carr parts numbers for tonebar grommets and tonebar screws and washers:

(1) Tonebar Grommets: 9305K21

SBR Rubber Push-in Bumper Flat Top, 3/8" Dia, 7/64" H, 1/4" Stem Dia
This product is sold in Packs of 50

Three other sources for tonebar grommets (get the specs from the McMaster page):

At the Estco Enterprises site (last URL above)you will also have to specify hardness. Anyone know what to specify?

Back to McMaster Carr:

 (2) Zinc Tonebar Screws (Zinc-Plated Stl Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw No 8 Size,

1-1/2" Length): 90031A203

or Stainless Steel Tonebar Screws (18-8 SS Flat Head Phillips Wood Screw No 8 Size, 1-1/2" Length): 90294A203

Note: I use the stainless steel because the heads hold up better to repeated removal and adjustment, something which, if you're a novice, you will appreciate. If you don't anticipate that much adjusting, you probably don't need the stainless steel screws.

(3) Cupped Tonebar Washers (Nickel-Plated Steel Countersunk Finishing Washer #6 Screw Size, 7/16" OD): 90068A007

(4) Cupped Tonebar Washers (Stainless Steel Countersunk Finishing Washer #6 Screw Size, 7/16" Od): 98466A007

Note concerning the inexact fit between the #6 cupped washer and #8 screw head (from John Della Vecchia):

It is because the cup washer is a #8 on the Mark V with a #8 wood screw. The reason we use #6 cup washer now (which is smaller) is because it surrounds the McMaster grommet perfectly - same diameter - so there is no chance for "squashing" to take place. This is at the expense of putting a #8 screw into a #6 washer - hence the protrusion.

McMasterCarr does indeed also carry the
Countersunk Finishing Washer #8 Screw Size, 7/32 " OD: part # 98466A009
which will fit the #8 screw better.

I'm unsure how well they fit the McMaster grommet head.
When I have a chance to try one, I'll post my findings here.

Cupped washers were used on the Mark V and are less inclined to squash and distort the grommet.

You can also get the flat washers, but those rarely wear out -- just use the original washers with new screws from mcmaster.

Tine-to-Tonebar Screws:

Slotted Hex Washer Head Machine Screw: 10-32 Thread, 1/2" Length; 18-8 Ss, Part no. 90316A829

I use slotted screws simply to have another option for more torque.

The non-slotted ones are also available. Catalog page 2924:

Head style: hex

Drive style: hex
Thread size: 10 / 32
Length: 1/2"
Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, or Zinc-Plated

NOTE: Speakeasy Vintage Music is now exclusively using CAP SCREWS and LOCK WASHERS with a hex-socket drive style as tine-to-tonebar screws for a tighter bond with the tonebar:

Available at
Cap bolt: Part Number: 91251A342
Inch Thread Size #10-32; Length 1/2"; Hex Key Size 5/32"

Lock washer: Part Number:  98437A108  

For Screw Size 10; Stainless Steel Type 18-8 Stainless Steel

(1) Bridle Straps in bulk:


The "Plain" strap is the one to order:

Take-Note Piano Supplies in the UK also stock plain bridle straps

(2) Damper pivot pin nylon bushings:

 Search "plastic flanged sleeve bearings" at

(anyone know the dimensions and order number?)

(3) Damper push-rod assembly top felt:

Fits on top of the wooden damper dowel inside the piano or on top of the damper rod in the speaker cabinet of a Suitcase model: Self-stick felt can be bought in many varieties at hardware stores, drugstores, home-improvement stores, etc.:

(4) For gluing on damper felts and hammer tips:

3M(TM) Super Weatherstrip Adhesive 08008 Black, 5 oz Tube

Widely available at auto supply stores, paint stores, also online:

For tuning (sliding the tine springs), any hardware store will have a "tack puller" for only a couple of dollars; you can also use any of a variety of hemostats/forceps (google "hemostat" or "curved hemostat"):

For turning your key pins instead of rebushing (to tighten or loosen the action), you can use a "key spacer" for regulating the key pins:
Normal key spacer:

Offset key spacer:

Available from:
Search "key spacer"

For cleaning dirty Tolex and harp covers and giving the material new shine, use the standard automotive vinyl cleaners/protectants such as those of Armorall and STP available at virtually any hardware or even grocery store; does remarkable things for dull tolex and harp covers:

For cleaning rusty tines:

Wenol Metal Polish -- Removes rust and corrosion and leaves behind a thin anti-oxidant coating. Available at hardware stores or search online

Transporting your keyboard: many players use one version or other of a handtruck:

Also Folding Hand Truck H-1201

For a large selection of handtrucks:
See especially their catalog

Handtrucks Pgs. 100-105, 109, 115-122:

Deluxe convertible handtruck:

Replacement stand for Stage units without legs
K&M 18950 Table-Style Keyboard Stand (Black)
Mfr# 18950-000-55 B&H# KM18950B

Gig bags / cartage protection to protect your new Tolex and your new logos [!]:

If you cannot find the original Rhodes covers on eBay or elsewhere:

Many players simply use movers' blankets (search "movers' blankets" online):

You can also have a cover custom-made as either a gig (cartage) bag or studio dust-cover:

My wife made a custom studio slip cover for my Suitcase 73:

Sources For Generic Parts & Maintenance Materials / General Remarks
« on: January 04, 2009, 01:08:59 PM »
General Remarks:

These are sources other than the specialty repair and parts shops (Major Key, Vintage Vibe, Speakeasy Vintage Music, CAE, etc., and they are sources for parts and materials that are not specific to a single instrument (many are used, e.g., on speaker cabinets). But be sure to check out the specialty vendors for hard-to-find or Rhodes-specific items as well.

Please check items carefully before ordering, since part numbers may change over time; also make sure you have the right screws, etc for attaching the hardware pieces. Often those must be ordered separately from the same vendor.

Note: Many of these products are sold by several different vendors, and new sources are always being posted in this forum and elsewhere.

Other possibilities for screws, glides, handles, Tolex etc. (you will have to search for your item through the menus):

In general for Fender:

In general also:

You can get other things (replacement screws for the harp, etc.) at any well-stocked hardware store. Just take the old screw, etc. with you.

I have not updated my blog page on
"Sources for Generic Parts and Maintenance Materials"
in a long time.

Since I get quite a few hits every day, I'd like to avoid frustrating visitors -- especially people new to this forum and to the Rhodes -- with outdated or bogus links.

Since for all practical purposes Vibroworld seems to be out of business, I am going to remove those links -- unless someone knows of a reason not to.

In the meantime,

(1) if anyone knows of other links or information on that page that are outdated or wrong, please let me know by responding to this thread;

(2) if anyone knows of additional links for additional sources, please let me know that, too, esp. if some particular item is not yet listed. The blog space is limited, but I can probably shuffle some things around and fit more info it, especially if it just involves providing a link.

Note: I have already covered the specialty dealers simply by linking to James' page:

Other Keyboards & Software Synths / Roland Fantom G ARX board ep
« on: July 24, 2008, 10:43:17 AM »

The electric-piano demo / edit screens begin at about 2:10.

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / 1979 Suitcase 73
« on: October 28, 2006, 03:44:21 PM »

Electro Bossa (Disc 1)
Artist: Edson X
Release Date: 2005
Label: Water Music / Big Fish Media
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Brazil, Downtempo

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Recent Rhodes VST
« on: March 18, 2005, 09:02:52 AM »

There's a review of it on the Yahoo Rhodes site.

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