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Watch out for bad advice- I've removed my comment and link-
Vintage Vibe has custom Fiberglass sparkle top lids for Fender Rhodes Bass Pianos now. Whether it be the smaller 1960's model or a 1970's model we have you covered. If you have a bass piano with a black ABS lid now you can upgrade to sparkle top city.

Music by our very own Fred Dileone with his fiesta red bass
Please read about our Friends James Garfield and Freddan Alders who founded the Fender Rhodes Supersite close to 20 years ago - It's a great story of the origins of the FenderRhodes super site and its founders.

inquire @VV
 Vintage Vibe Original Reeds -Simply, Love them or your money and shipping will be refunded- Guaranteed-

Vintage Vibe reeds are authentic reproductions of the original Wurlitzer reeds- Vintage Vibe reeds have been blue printed from the original Wurlitzer Reed drawings this ensures their authenticity.

We offer every Reed for 110, 111, 112, 112A, 140B, 145B, 200 200A , 200B- (not just one blank 21-42)- we also have a vast stock of original reeds..

  Hey we even make the only Rhodes Tine produced in the world- Reeds and Tines, it's what we do-

Make sure it says Vintage Vibe on the package or you are not getting an authentic reproduction.

Please send resume- looking only for the best in each category-  -We welcome all serious candidates-
Vintage Vibe has an interersting new Tube Pre amp called the "Tine Bomb"
Simple in design, installs in 10 minutes or so, no soldering needed.  Adds a ton of gain, with tube tone, tube harmonics- Bass cut EQ- a very simple pre amp for those looking for a simple boost of volume and warmth.

Let us know your thoughts-
Vintage Vibe will be selling our replacement tines at some point next month in April-

 It's been a long 3 years in unraveling the mysteries of tine making. Unfortunately there was no recipe left for anyone in the world it seems. After years of interviews with techs, scholars, past Rhodes employees, machinist and metallurgists we have a tine that sounds dam good, better than any aftermarket tine we have heard and on par with the originals to the point you cannot tell an original from a reproduction.

We fashioned the look after my favorite era of tine which was 1974-75, I call it the golden era. They plated the blocks yellow zinc for one year and I think they look great, it's always a special occasion when I open a Rhodes and see a full set.  We can sell them with the gold plate or in white zinc plate if you prefer.  Ultimatly the tone is what matters. We hope this will put an end to Rhodes pianos being butchered for tines and to put ebay butchers to bed. In the past it has been a necessary evil, but hopefully with a well priced tine this will end.

We have been testing them in our pianos for some time now and we are very happy with the results. We think we brought to the Fender Rhodes tine what we brought to the Wurlitzer reeds and that is a dead on replacement.

Our Tines are made in the USA with the original Torrington swaging dies made by the head die maker at Torrington before he retired.

This should give everyone more food for discussion-  

Moderator edit.. renamed thread, made sticky and merged two other related threads into this thread.
For those interested in upgrading their passive Rhodes Stage piano with an active pre amp and Stereo tremolo- Look no further- Vintage Vibe has a great new pre amp called the Stereo Vibe which installs onto any Rhodes Stage rail without any permanent modification to your piano or rail.

The sound is pure Classic Rhodes- enjoy the video-

We also have an install video on our website @  as well as Youtube which anyone at all can easily do in a half hour.

The pre amp and Cheek Block  power supply are Classic Vintage Vibe originals.
We have some absolutely sick new products coming out this year that will  make Rubber-neckers out of anyone with a Rhodes piano. It's going to be very exciting !
Upon inspection of various tines under microscope it is noticed that the generater block has hairline cracks in it around the base of the tine. This is where the tine is press fitted into the block. Since the tine is much harder than the block, something has to give. The tolerance of the hole is +/- a  very small amount , I suspect that these cracks are and could be a part of the failure of tines, cracks will absorb vibrations and cause loss of tone and sustain. It is noted that a handful of tines were usually bad right out of the factory and needed to be replaced. This could be a point to look at.

If the generater block has been drilled even 5-10,000 th's  to small it could cause the splitting of the block over time or immediately. This would be stress or fatigue and the tine would no longer have it's required tight fit to allow proper vibration or oscillation.

Since these were made before highly precise equipment was used, a small percentage of holes bored from the factory would naturally be off and cause this symptom to happen or it could have been that the base of the tine was   larger. The generater block has a two step bore in it, one side being smaller to hold that tine tightly.  Think of trying to stuff 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 lb. bag  something has to give.
Hey Everybody, Great news !!
We have perfected the Wurlitzer reed like nodody's business!!
There has never been another reed like our since the original reeds were made by Wurlitzer, our new reeds are every bit as good or better than the original, and this is no Hype!

We sell them individually or in thier Blank state in Quantity
Hey Everyone,

I am writing to let anyone know who has purchased a Stage Vibe in the past that we have come up with a mod for it, that we will install for free to anyone who has one purchased before 12-07

The original Stage Vibe as well as the original Jordan pre amp could only handle 2/10th of a volt on the input . With later Rhodes pianos the pick up wiring is different and has a higher output, which can cause the Stage Vibe to distort  if the pick ups are to close to the tine or if the keys are hammered to hard.
Since  December we have added a trim pot that smoothes this all out and we could not be happier with the results. I personally love the Stage Vibe and i am very proud of it.  Just contact us if you want to send yours in for the  free mod.

The FET Tremolo on this unit is So authentic 1960's sound, it is just creamy.

On another note, we are not offering the Quadrapuss at this point, we have sold out of them for the most part, thank you to everyone who took part in the adventure of this piece. As we said in the beginning it was only a 50 pc. run.  It was a very big undertaking to build and offer the Quadrapuss and we sold most of the units at a sale price and very few at the original price needed to make it profitable for us.  Unfortunatly they will go down as collectors items, it is possible we may have a couple more at some point but not now. So again, Thanks to all who took the faith!

The Stage Vibe still lives and is going stronger than ever for anyone who is interested in this great piece, feel free to call and speak with me anytime 973-989-2178

All the best to everyone in the New Year!
We want to wish John at Major key  Health and Strength Peace and Light during his illness
Does anyone have one or know of where i can get one fast !    Thanks !!!
Hello Everyone,  We just today are making plans for expansion and have found a possible  building site. We need to raise some capital this month to aquire a building so we are having a sale.  This would be the perfect time to add a Quadrapuss to your collection. Instead of the 550.00 price we are taking 100.00 dollars off.
This month of March it will be sold for  450.00 . I know this is sudden but opportunity knocks  (for all of us).  When we are sure about our new location we will let you know. It's in a great city with a huge scene and history.
Hey Everyone, we have all parts in for our new "Stage Vibe" except for the name plates which we are waiting on now.  It should be ready in about two weeks.  If you are planning an upgrade to your rhodes and our Quadrapuss is a little over your budget. Than our Stage Vibe will be just the ticket. It has the sweetest Tube-ish sounding mono Tremolo around as well as plus 24 DB pre amp and active EQ, Incredibly musical ,rich and full of  that VINTAGE VIBE you look for !!
It should be around 350.00  it will come on it own rail you just drop in powered by 3  9 volts or  AC power supply included.  If anyone has any interest or question feel free to call us or email us. 973-989-2178
Hi Everyone,  This is Chris Carroll from Vintage I just wanted to let everyone know officially we  now have the complete Quadrapuss  in stock. It is made with only the very finest components and wire.  We have kept the price down as low as we can possibly make it. It sells for 550.00 dollars and comes on it's own rail with custom name plate and 7 knobs to endlessly  tweak the Stereo tremolo, Phase shifter and Dyno EQ Pre amp. You can read more about it on our website.
We will be more than glad to answer any questions concerning this unit. This piece was a dream of ours to make a couple of years ago and now it is a reality. Also we will very soon have our "Stage Vibe" ready for market which is a Mono tremolo Pre amp Eq based on the original 1960's Fender silver top Suitcase piano. Extremely warm and musical.
I just wanted to also thank you all for a great year last year. We really appreciate all of your business and visiting our new site If anyone has any comments on how we can make a better site feel free to email us.