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Please have a watch - there's a bit of a Herbie / Rhodes vibe to this track ;)
Hi all - we've released our new Resolution 88 single for free on bandcamp - you can listen in full and download for no charge!

This track features my suitcase Rhodes - keep tuned in, there's a solo in the second section ;)
Hi all, some of you will have seen this already - we've released a new video of our song 'Caughtus Interruptus' (which was heavily inspired by Herbie and the Headhunters). The video concept is to draw attention to the beauty of the suitcase Rhodes (both in design and sound) - I hope it comes across!

... and part of the premise of the video was to inform the viewer as to how the piano worked, which parts would you want to see named / pointed out and would any particular descriptions or explanations be absolutely vital?

It wouldn't necessarily satisfy us Rhodes geeks but I'm thinking along the lines of something that would get across the beauty of the instrument and also a basic understanding of how it works, to anybody watching the video who hadn't been introduced to a Rhodes before.

I'd love to hear from everybody about this!
We have a new EP coming out soon - all sorts of sounds on there, including my suitcase Rhodes, echoplex, Fender fuzz wah, Hohner Clavinet D6, ARP String Ensemble, Oberheim etc...

The soundcloud link is below and you can pre-order on iTunes in advance of the release date (26th October 2014):

Hi all,
Here's a video for all the licks / voicings in 'Sun Touch' - more videos to come!
Hi all - I've done some playalong videos in the past but I've finally got round to filming some proper 'how to play' videos with midi keyboard display, plus sound from my suitcase Rhodes. I thought I'd start with the most important Rhodes solo of all time (in my opinion!):

I hope it's helpful - even if just for a particular lick, or voicing of a chord!
Hi there,
Looking for a set of legs for a mkI stage - any condition. Would be great to hear from you if you're UK based!
Hey all, I'm in the middle of a recording a new album - we're trying to record the whole thing live and direct the same way 'Headhunters' was done. We had a preliminary recording the other day in preparation for a 2 day session in July. We gigged most of the stronger material in London last week and the whole gig is up online on youtube:

If you like the music, please follow us at:

These are all-original compositions with Rhodes & Moog and I'd love to get all your feedback on the songs!
..I figured it out and performed it recently at a gig in London on my suitcase Rhodes. It sounds best on good speakers or headphones:

It was originally performed by Herbie on 28th October 1973, at the Fairfield Theatre, East Lansing, Michigan. I hope you enjoy it - this piece sums up for me all that is beautiful about the Rhodes.
...please come along to our gig THIS SUNDAY 12th May at Floripa on Old St, London. Live music from 7:30pm - we'll be playing tracks from 1973-79 and I'm going to be using my beautiful suitcase Rhodes which some of you may have seen and heard on my youtube videos.
Here is a brief taster:
It would be great to see you there!
Hi all, I'm sorry I haven't been active on this forum for a while - I've been busy writing music and rehearsing my band. We got some video clips at our first ever gig in London and I thought I'd post a track here to see what you all think of the composition and the playing. It's a real shame you can't hear the bass better but you can probably still hear enough of the harmony to get an idea what's going on.
The Rhodes is a nasty plastic key model from 1983 - I can't complain because I've been given it on long-term loan for free, but it's a dog compared to my beautiful suitcase mkI which some of you will have seen on my youtube videos. With the mkII I've tried hard to voice it the way I want but it doesn't entirely want to play ball and it feels so different to my mkI!

Anyway, here's the track:
'UNRAVELLING' (performed by 'Resolution 88', written by T O'Grady)

Looking forward to hearing what you think - constructive criticism welcome!
The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / People Music by Herbie
February 14, 2012, 04:50:26 PM
Hi everybody,
I've done a video of People Music - when I next get a moment, I'll put a score up. I hope you enjoy it!

.. what would you like to see in it, and in what format? I've been approached by a publisher and I'm wondering whether to go ahead with this project, and how best to suit the potential audience in terms of playing / theory level... Bear in mind that there might be licensing issues with exact transcriptions, but I could certainly include plenty of signature licks etc in the book.
Anyway, I'd love to hear all of your suggestions,
Many thanks,
Hi again,
Here's a solo (some dodgy timing but hey, it had the best feel of quite a few takes and I was knackered!) from 'You Bet Your Love' - one of Herbie's best :D The actual transcription will follow shortly but hopefully you'll enjoy the video too!

How To Play 'You Bet Your Love' (Herbie Hancock Rhodes Solo)
There's a complete transcription along with the video if any of you fellow Rhodes players want to play this!
Happy New Year :D
I've done a score so you can follow along - sorry about the loose Clavinet playing! (This was the best take overall where I felt I really had the feel - too bad I made a few slips in the Rhodes solo).
I hope you enjoy it - let me know if it's of any use :D
Hi all,
I worked out the Rhodes part for Sun touch last night - I recorded a video of it today, I hope you enjoy it, I had a lot of fun playing it!
I did another Herbie video yesterday - this one uses the 12" disco version of 'Magic Number' where Herbie's original solo was cut out, so you get to hear exactly what my Rhodes sounds like, unadulterated! The only Rhodes you can hear is mine :D
Here we go, this is my latest effort...

I hope you enjoy it, I'd be interested to know what you all think,
Hi all, I've finally got round to transcribing and recording this solo - it's one of my favourites and I think the original of this track has the best recorded sound of any suitcase Rhodes of any time, ever!
Hope you enjoy it:
The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Rhodes solo from 'Sly'
February 06, 2011, 11:22:04 AM
.. I had a stab at it this afternoon, and this was the best take of a few even though there are still lots of errors and bad timing - anyway, I hope you enjoy it!
Hi all,
I've got a suitcase mk1 and a Clavinet D6 - I've always balanced my Clavinet on top of the rounded Rhodes top and it's stable enough. There's also quite a precedent if you watch all the videos of guys like Herbie doing the same thing. I don't think that the weight of the Clavinet causes any serious problems to the Rhodes set-up since the rounded top transmits the weight through the rear corners of the keyboard case and the name rail. I have found however, that when the Clavinet is resting on my Rhodes I get more problems with certain notes causing vibration in the Rhodes top. The Clavinet feet seem to act as nodes and affect the modes that the top vibrates in. I have already padded the corners where the keyboard top sits, but it hasn't damped the vibrations enough.
Do you all just balance your Clavinet on your Rhodes or have you fashioned any braces that reach from the namerail over to the rear panel of the keyboard cabinet? At the moment I think that I will continue balancing my Clavinet on the Rhodes but I might try and damp the vibrations by taping padding on the underneath of the Rhodes top.
...well not quite, but it's me doing my best to impersonate him :D
I hope you enjoy it - constructive criticism welcome!


All the best,
The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Butterfly
July 17, 2007, 03:57:23 AM
Hey there, thought it was time I posted some music up here. Check out my myspace page

for a recording of 'Butterfly'. I'm afraid it's a poorly balanced MD recording (mic in a plant pot we found in the bar, pointing at the band) but you can hear most of what's going on. I was using a real Solina but the Rhodes sound is actually a Nord Stage 88 because I'm keeping my suitcase 88 mk1 in a studio for the time being.
The Nord Stage is killer but I wish they'd produce a suitcase Rhodes sound, and allow the player to bend notes with the delay effect (not possible at the moment). Out of interest, I noticed that Roland/Boss have just released a pedal emulating the RE201 - don't know whether it's any good or not but looks like it's worth somebody on this board investigating it with their Rhodes.
Take it easy,