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I was rewatching a clip of the Doors on Youtube playing Crawling King Snake in their rehearsal space for an Australian TV program.  Ray is playing his Gibson and Piano Bass but next to him was a keyboard I'd never noticed before or seen in any other Doors pics - it's not his Vox, although it appears to have reversed color keys, nor is it his RMI, Rhodes or Hammond. 

Here's a link with some times when you can notice, barely, the keyboard.  The last shot of it you can briefly see a logo on the back but I can't make it out.  Perhaps I could see it better on the DVD release it originally appeared on.


Have at it Keyboard Colombos. 
Hi all,

I'm having a minor problem with a Gibson key that I'd like to figure out before it gets worse or spreads.  The second to the highest B key sometimes has a delay or weak start when it's pressed.  Not all the time, seems like when it hasn't been struck for a few seconds it happens but in rapid succession with other keys not so much.  I took it apart, sprayed out under and behind the key with compressed air but no difference.  Nothing looks out of place or loose with the "B" card not that that means much.   This is the only B that has this problem.

I've made a link and posted it so you can have a listen:

It's not terrible, just bad enough to "B" annoying.  There's a lot of Doors song in E minor counting on that note.  Anyone experience this or have any suggestions? 

Thanks in advance,