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I'm in the project of making my own power supply for my Suitcase top 88 1977 (0277). It have the 4 pins connector with the 3 concentric pots.
Is there somebody with information about voltage of that preamp, or schematic that could help me find out what power I need?
I found schematic for the late version, 5 pins Janus, but not for the 4 pins peterson.

Thanks in advance!


The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Rhodes Mark 1 from 1980
« on: May 31, 2012, 08:15:00 AM »
Since a brought my Rhodes 6 years ago, I'm questionning myself about the 2 date codes.
Here some picture of the harp, showing the date code on the pick up rail (2480, 24th week of 1980) and on the tonebar rail (2605, 26th week of 1980, 5th buisness day)
I don't think the harp was swaped from a Mark II, maybe a transition model.
He got the bump miracle mod from factory,
I would like to see if there some people here with a Mark II dated before mine, it could answer my question.
Here's the pictures:

Thanks a lot!

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