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  Even after prolonged and extensive searching,
haven't been able to find (so far) a definitive answer for this :

Instrument: Rhodes Suitcase 73, 5-pin Janus Amp, slider pre-amp.

 As we know, on the amp's panel are two pairs of jacks.
  One pair (Channel A, and Channel B) is labelled "Pre Amp Output" ,
 and the
other pair (Channel A, and Channel B) is labelled "Power Amp Input" .

  I'm sorry, fellas, but I'm confused here.
To me, anyways, this is about as clear as mud.
Is it actually as it seems?

  Thinking in the context of Stereo,
is the "Pre Amp Output" 
  - (un-)amplified "line outs" (to another component)?
and the "Power Amp Input" - 
  - "line ins" from an (un-)amplified source? 

 What does Rhodes' terminology mean here?
What are they for, exactly?

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