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This just started happening:

On late-model suitcase pianos, the effects loop (Accessory 1 & 2) has an internal connection that is temporarily broken when you use the loop. Normally the connection is restored when you unplug your effects loop, but sometimes the internal connection goes bad. Symptoms that the connection is bad include a drop in the piano's volume, along with static that is only heard while you play a key. Try running a short patch cord from Accessory 1 to Accessory 2 as a quick fix for this problem. It should restore the signal to full volume and eliminate the static.

Where is the internal connection that needs fixing so I do not need to keep using a patch cord to bypass the issue?

Thanks so much
I have just started restoring a 1960s Fender Rhodes piano bass. It was in pretty rough shape when I brought it home with half of the keys sticking but after a really good clean, easing of brushing, adjustment of a couple guide pins, removal of deformed damper felts, etc. the action is even and playable. My questions going forward:

- About half of the felt hammer tips are quite grooved yet at least do not seem to get stuck on the tines, the others are really in fine condition. Should I replace these? And if so where does one find these triangular wedges of felt? I know vintage vibe has some bass hammers but I imagine I can just replace the felt? ( I know my piano tech's will lightly sand/shave felt hammers for voicing on a piano but to remove the groove I fear I would remove too much felt and also wonder if this is appropriate.

- I get great volume directly off the RCA plug but very diminished volume off the name rail. I have tried multiple amps to see whether this is an impedance issue but so far it is consistent across all amps. I have never had such issues with the output off my other rhodes but also have never owned a 1960s rhodes before. I have cleaned the pots and checked the soldering connections. Any other ideas before I start replacing parts?

- The action while even is not as lovely as my other rhodes that I have tweaked. I have never owned a 1960s rhodes before. Should I adjust my expectations?

thanks so much,

I have had a chance to play quite a few different clavinets and noticed some to be quite microphonic side-by-side to my own. What causes this? Is it a hard or easy fix?
Just like the subject line. Anyone making new lids for Wurlitzer 200s?
cheers, Michael
I think that's what you call it :)

I am restoring my newly acquired Wurlitzer 145B which is so far going really well. I am missing one brass bumper glide from the back. Does anyone have one that they would be willing to part with? I love the brass...
Mine is blown :(

Any opinions on the vintage vibe replacement speaker?
I guess an alternative is one of the various 6x9 4 ohm speakers on eBay or some other seller?

thanks for opinion...
Any tricks for shipping the older/heavier wurlitzers (120, 140, 145, etc). They never come up locally for sale so I am trying to figure out an affordable way to ship one across Canada that would involve minimal work for a seller...
Other Keyboards & Software Synths / Foamy clavinet?
December 07, 2016, 10:56:44 PM
A friend picked up a Clavinet C. I just had my first look in it to see what is going to need replacing and was surprised to find that the whole interior is lined with foam (with the exception of covering the strings of course). Why do this?
So I decided to replace the key brushings in one of my clavinets with a prelubed set from vintage vibe.
Now the action for much of the keyboard is slow to stuck. :(

The process seemed extremely straightforward.
The springs are very springy.
The keys are properly set.

Did I do something wrong?
Do I need to be patient and work the keys for a while?
Should I be worried?

:o :o :o
My wife says there is only so much room for keyboards in our house....

Asides from the aesthetics and differences in speakers is it worth having a butterfly in addition to a 200a? Is a butterfly better made or action somehow superior? I am very happy with the tone of my 200a through an old Ampeg Gemini but there is this butterfly that plays and sounds lovely....
I came across a Pianet L in really rough shape last week for a very decent price so figured I would pick it not really expecting it to work. The lever to control volume has been removed and a pot put in its place to allow volume control by a dial on one of the cheek blocks. The rest seems original on the inside and after 4 hours of cleaning removing debris and nastiness from the inside it actually works although is a little more noisy than my Pianet N.

Here is where I need someone's help...

From the conduit tube which contains the two wires for the left speaker there is also a black wire with the end sitting loose. Any idea where it is supposed to go? It is one of those black wires which contains a smaller black wire plus silver filament...


Brief Review - Vintage Vibe "Miracle Mod" Kit

I finally got around to applying the Vintage Vibe "Miracle Mod" Kit on one of my rhodes. Overall, I am very happy with the result. After experimenting with various bump positions, I used the below position essentially uniformly for all of the keys. I ended up using the supplied super glue to adhere the bump to the key pedestal. I tried a couple different adhesives for the felt, and eventually settled on contact cement as recommended elsewhere on the forum. I found using a small foam paint brush was really helpful in spreading the cement thinly and evenly. With the shape of the bump you really do need a sharp edge to get the felt "in there" to preserve the bump. I ended up gluing together some metal pieces to make my own miracle mod tool as pictured  :o

Anyways, thank you again to all of those people who post advice here.
I would certainly recommend the Mod Kit and very much appreciate the extra felt that was included for experimenting.

Looking for a low Ab / G# Pianet T Reed
The weight fell off and is sadly gone...

Thanks for checking
Other Keyboards & Software Synths / Pianet N
April 15, 2015, 02:19:33 PM
I am checking out a Pianet N next week as a possible purchase / restoration project.
Apparently it needs a new fuse. Does anyone know what kind of fuse it takes?
I would love to be able to bring one with me so I can power it up when I check it out...
Thx Michael
Other Keyboards & Software Synths / Elepian
March 24, 2015, 10:40:18 PM
Any love for the Elepian 713?   ;)
There is one for sale not too far away.
I really do not have room for it . . . but these seem pretty uncommon around here.
It could also be that the most recent dump of snow is making me stir crazy.

If it had been the 61C I would jump on it as it looks so cool :)
The Wurlitzer Electric Piano / Wurlitzer videos
March 17, 2015, 02:00:44 PM
Here are some of my favorite Wurlitzer videos. I chose them either because they have very nice tone or just plain cool:

Such a nice Wurlitzer 200 restoration (
...wait for it (
Wurlitzer 200A connected to 64 lights boxes (
Wurlitzer 200A inner workings (
Another inner workings video (

I know there are many others.

Have you hugged your Wurli today?

Amps, Effects & Recording Techniques / Patch cables
December 24, 2014, 10:32:35 AM
I am due for some new patch cables and figured that I would take advantage of some Boxing Day sales. When I read the guitar pages people talk about tone loss or shaping with different gauges and brands. Any perspectives on best cables for rhodes? I have always just bought ones that feel well built and have been happy with the results...
For Sale / Pianet M
July 03, 2014, 08:06:33 AM
Probably one of the few times in my life I wish that I lived in eastern compared to western Canada.  :o
I recognize that this is a small community but wanted to share my experience with some parts:
1. Clavinet tuning key (from - really great and handy idea BUT the interior Phillips head broke off after less than an hour use as I was replacing strings. This should have been made of a more durable plastic or better yet metal. Very disappointed in the quality.
2. Clavinet alignment template (from - awesome idea and definitely saved me a lot of frustration BUT again why not make it out of durable plastic or metal. I was expecting more than thin cardboard.
3. Clavinet yarn weaver (from works just like the video :)
4. Clavinet strings (from ken rich) really nicely packaged and easy to install. I am very happy with the sound but I have not AB'd them to others except old strings. Again happy :)
5. Hammer tips (from ken rich) easily the best $$ I have ever spent on a clavinet. Again I am not sure how they compare to others but I am very happy. :)  :)
Amps, Effects & Recording Techniques / Tru-Tron3x
November 29, 2013, 09:12:59 PM
Has anyone played one of these?

One of these days I would like to invest in a new Envelope Filter.
I have been fairly happy with my EHX Doctor Q but use it quite sparingly.
Perhaps now is the time to upgrade? The alternatives I have been thinking of are vintage Mutron III, EHX Qtron, or 3Leaf Audio Wonderlove.
Primarily for the clavinet...although I picked up a Moog SubPhatty a few weeks ago that might be fun to experiment with.

Thoughts or opinions?

Other Keyboards & Software Synths / Is this a real thing?
November 21, 2013, 09:26:34 PM
Just curious if this is a real keyboard that is featured on the newest iPAD Air commercial...
Looks vintage so thought I would check with the expertise on this forum.
One of my pick-ups (red coil) is dead.
I can find no sign of injury or breaks in the wiring.
Neighboring pick-ups are still working.
Why oh why oh why?

In all seriousness, is there anything I can do asides from replace it?

Sorry if this is a little off topic...but I am not sure where to post this.

We are moving into a new house, and the new music room has tube florescent lights. In the past I have gotten interference with my equipment (esp. tube amps) from florescent lights. Does anyone know whether compact florescents or LEDs cause interference?

Thanks for any advice,

When I first got my DUO, the reeds were rusted and I  cleaned them as well as could be done...but I have never been that satisfied with the tone of many of the reeds despite adjusting the pads, screws, etc.

So I was wondering if anyone knows whether there is anyone making pianet T / Duo / M reeds or would have old stock available?

I recognize that has sticky pad replacements for Pianet T / Duo / M but I prefer the idea of replacing the "culprit" reeds rather than the "innocent" pads.

I have been playing around with a fuzz face and crybaby wah over the weekend with my clavinets and rhodes. Lots of fun!!!
I like to adjust the fuzz up and down while I am playing rather than simply have it off and on.
So, this has thinking about picking up a "fuzz wah" as I like the idea of controlling the fuzz with my feet. Adjusting the knob with the toe is not ideal.

Does anyone have any experience with the various vintages of fender fuzz wah and the reissues?
I will need to probably buy one off ebay so no chance to compare them.

I have been looking at options for replacing the external hardware on both of my  rhodes as two of the metal corners have been quite badly bent. I was quite surprised by the differences in price between the various webstores. For example, the external hardware set from CAE Sound is almost twice the price as the set from Vintage Vibe.

Am I missing something? Is there a difference in quality?

I do not mind spending more money on a higher quality product at all. For my 1971 stage, I was hoping to get as close to the original as possible. My other stage rhodes is from about 1980 and I did a custom restore on it so I just want it to look pretty.

Any recommendations?

I am taking a break from cleaning tines :)

I have a few questions about this 1971 Mark 1 I picked up earlier this week.

1. How common was it to install split keyboard outputs such that the bass (lower half) could be run to one output and the total of the keyboard (upper and lower half) to a second output?

2. If I wanted to install a pre-amp while preserving the current set-up. Where would be the best place to put it given the dual outputs?

3. The lid has two small holes in the middle which I am presuming was originally for a stand? Does anyone have any pictures of what these stands looked like? I am just curious.

I was going to post these pictures after I had finished but am not sure when I am going to get around to finding some new felt to go between the lid and keys. I still have the red felt but was thinking about using grey, black, or maybe green?
Anyways, I bought this clavinet as a local purchase. At some point, the back corner had been badly damaged such that it was no longer stable. I took the whole thing apart, repaired the case, cleaned everything, trouble shooted the electronics, and put it back together. I do not have any fancy equipment nor extensive experience (i.e. this was my first time tolexing). I put on new laminate and really like the grey stain.
The plan was that this clavinet was going to be my "beater" for gigs but am not so sure now.

Special thanks to Ken Rich Sound Services for fantastic advice and help sourcing parts!!!!

Is there a significant difference in sound between a Clavinet C and D6 if both have the same strings? Is one considered of higher value?
I recognize that the D6 has the additional toggle switches.

thanks for your expertise,

P.S. I just have finished disassembling my D6 down to the case cleaning the parts along the way. The tolex arrived in the mail today so am hoping I can post some pictures soon.
So. I just bought a D6 which is in good interior shape....quite rough exterior shape.
Normally, I am less interested in cosmetics but the tolex really has to be replaced. Since the tolex is going to look all new, I figure that I might as well sand down the veneer given most of the "abuse" was superficial (scratches, cigarette burns, etc.). Anyone have any advice on sanding vs. replace veneer vs. replace wood? I have been looking online and on other forums but only found a few scattered posts.

P.S. Why was it ever ok to put out a cigarette on an instrument?
Normally, I would totally not be in the market for another rhodes. But these do not normally come up in my area in good shape. And I am having a hard time not offering on it.
What would be a reasonable price for a Rhodes Mark I stage 88, in excellent condition, complete with all parts?

thanks so much,
Amps, Effects & Recording Techniques / Patch cables?
December 16, 2012, 09:54:49 AM
I need to buy a couple new patch cords for a little length, and to accommodate a new pedal, is there an appreciable advantage to buying "higher end" patch cords? I have always liked the Fender tweed cords ( just because they are so nice and flexible but really know nothing about the more expensive ones...

I absolutely love my Wurlitzer, especially playing it without an amp. It just exudes a lovely vibe.

Lately I have been playing with a 9 piece funk band for fun and when we gig I use an older Barbetta 31c or Fender Twin reissue to supplement for volume. Neither sound quite as sweet, or have as much character, as the Wurlitzer through its own speakers. In other words, I am not loving either.

I tend to bring my SK1 to cover clav/organ to sit on top of the Wurlitzer although I have been thinking for some time of getting a Moog, Mopho, or some other analog synth to mix it up.

Anyways, I am wondering if people have experience with the Motion sound amplifiers or the larger Barbetta amplifiers, or recommend something else for using with a Wurlitzer plus organ clone or synth? I could also get a second Barbetta 31c and run stereo but stage space is often tight with the 9 of us.

thanks for your advice,

P.S. This is my first time posting on this forum although I have used the search function to read around this question already. I can't believe it took me this long to join.