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i've had 2 fender rhodes suitcase pianos- 1- a new 1973, which i didn't like because of the bad action. then i bought another suitcase- a new 1979 which had the sliders & the phaser vibrato and it played much better with the new plastic hammers, i guess.. it was ok.i played it for 10 years. recently i found an old beat up stage piano in a music store & when i played it, it sounded beautiful! in spite of the lost action work , and it needed a lot of work, the tone was amazing without any obvious work or additions done to it. so i bought it & fixed it up . i put all new felts & grommets and replaced a lot of hammer tips & i bought a whole set of 88 used keys i found on ebay. i swapped & changed many of the keys as i needed them and as they sounded & fitted. now i have a great sounding fender stage piano that is probably worth close to $1500 according to the prices I've been seeing on ebay. i don't have any pix yet but i will post some just as is a 1975 stage with the cross bar legs. also i bought a McClaren  harmonic Clarifier & installed it and the sound is now brighter & more varied. i love it. it seems to me that the stage models sound better & brighter than the suitcase models. this is probably because you can run the stage piano thru any amp or board you want whereas the suitcase, you have to play thru the fender amp that comes with it, for the most part. the only thing i miss from the suitcase model is that lovely phasing vibrato.