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For Sale / Mark III for sale in Bellingham
« on: November 22, 2017, 05:30:55 PM »
Not my piano but I thought it would at least interest this forum!

For the more unique collector!

For Sale / $500 (CAD) Rhodes Piano Bass
« on: February 11, 2016, 11:22:28 AM »
I don't have the money to afford this but if you're in Vancouver, this might be of interest.

Classic & Modern Fender Rhodes Artists / Estella Yun Trio - 6PM Mass Ave
« on: October 27, 2015, 05:49:49 PM »
I found this while looking at the Roster for Rhodes Fest, I had never heard of this artist, but I'm glad to have discovered her and her amazing band.

Check it out:

Hey guys,

So as I go through some of the "last steps" (you know there will be more) of getting my Rhodes 88 key mark 1 sorted out, I have two things I'd love some help with.

1) What screws/hardware are used to hold the "arms" to the harp - the arms are those 2 metal pieces on the side that allow you to lift the harp up and stick it in place for maintenance. Mine never had screws so I need to figure that out, my harp has just been resting on the mounts really.

2) Can someone measure their exact harp mounting locations on the wooden harp mounts? I think it will come down to me just doing it based on how I feel it needs to be placed. The last guy who "tried" to restore the piano decided to use wood filler on the old holes now I have no real reference beyond getting the highest keys to strike the tines correctly. Actually, it's probably pointless to ask for this, I'll just have to place the harp best I can and mount it based on that.

3) bonus question: will the Vintage Vibe sustain pedal work with a random piano stand? Is it adjustable?

Thanks again for all your help guys!

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / New MkIII Ek-10 videos
« on: June 01, 2015, 01:39:51 PM »
Hey guys,

This is the first video I've ever found of a MK3 rhodes  and I thought I would share.

I was listed on ebay for about 3 days then got taken down (likely by a cash offer locally or something) -

Hope you guys find this interesting. I know there's a few MK3 owners here but for us common folks, this stuff is pretty darn cool! I wonder who bought this one?

Hey Guys,

I've been slowly restoring my rhodes over the past month or so. Most of the key/hammer/damper stuff will be getting wrapped up soon. No issues there, it's all pretty simple to deal with, just a bit of labor involved.

This thread will be a containment thread for my questions. I'm only going to start with a few questions and keep adding them as I go along, as not to create too many threads unnecessarily.

First question, I see theres these redrilled holes on the harp:

How does this affect playing and should I try to fix the old holes? there's a bunch of them like this.

Thankfully I'm blesssed to only have 1 dead pickup on 88 potential ones!

Next piece is simply a request, can I get a few photos from you guys of a close up of the RCA harp jack? Would help me a little bit to clean up mine as it's a solder disaster.


Hi Guys,

This is my first post to this forum so I hope I'm not asking anything that's been asked before. I'm trying to see images of some wiring and whatnot but I have no idea what these mods are on my preamp (?). I can have help getting the device back to it's original state, but I wanted to see if there was resources out there where I could find clear pictures of wiring or even what the intention of this mod is. It's a 1973 88 key and I think it's a suitcase but I have no idea to be honest!

I'm very new so hopefully you guys can help me. Everything on the piano is very easy to fix and work on but I'm not much of an electronics guy:


My best guess is they built in an amp? I really don't know haha. And advice to proceed with this as well would be much appreciated!

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