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Right now, I have a Vox Continental, a Farfisa Combo Compact, a Gibson G101, and a CDX-0632 (I bought that one just because it looks cool) is on its way.   There are some other organs on eBay that look kinda interesting, specifically a Rheem Mark VII, and they're certainly cheap.   But I'm wondering if it adds anything I don't already have with the Farfisa.

I'd like to have a collection of all the *interesting* combo organs, but I keep seeing more and more brands I had never heard of before (like the Rheem), so I want to limit myself to organs that would make sense.

Any thoughts on what I should add?   Or would you call it done?

Other Keyboards & Software Synths / Gibson G101 Questions
« on: July 19, 2016, 07:23:06 PM »
I bought a Gibson G101 organ earlier today.   Sounds great, but a couple things don't work, namely the "Percuss P" switch, the "Reverb" switch, and the "Repeat" knob.

First, I'm wondering what these each do.   Is "Percuss P" the same as the "Percuss" switch in the bass section?   In other words, is it basically an ADSR envelope set to recreate more of a piano profile (or some other decaying instrument)?

I have no clue what "Repeat" might do, but I assume "Reverb" is an actual reverb, spring or otherwise?

Thanks to Alan Lenhoff's great website, as well as the excellent Combo-Organ Heaven website, I know that the problem with the Perc and Repeat is likely a burned out neon bulb.   Is this an easy repair, or is it something I should leave to a pro?   I've soldered my share of cables, and I know a resistor from a transistor, but I get pretty nervous if things get too deep.

If it is indeed something I could tackle myself, where the heck is it?   In the picture below, I'm assuming it's that thing that looks sort of like a fuse-holder, just above and between the black Perc switch (the furthest rocker switch to the right) and the Repeat knob (or rather, the post of the Repeat knob.)   Is that correct?   Any tips on how to access it would be very much appreciated.

One other question - This thing sounds great to me.   But I'm wondering if replacing capacitors is something I should consider?   I'm not making a museum piece, mind you, and it's already very quiet.    But is replacing caps something that people typically do?   I have a Farfisa Combo Compact and a Vox Continental (I bought this G101 to complete the set) and they were both in much rougher shape, so we *had* to replace a bunch of caps (and transistors, and even a few resistors.    But I wonder if replacing caps in an instrument that already sounds good would make it sound even better.

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