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For Sale / Rhodes 54 note for Sale - Melbourne Australia - SOLD
« on: August 14, 2019, 09:31:00 PM »
Hi all,

Long time reader first time poster.

1980 Rhodes Mark II 54 note stage piano in excellent condition.
15th week 1980
Complete with lid, legs and pedal.

One minor blemish on right end check block, small tear in tolex on front below keys and rip in tolex on lid.

Replaced the below items from Vintage Vibe in Dec 2016

Rear Logo
Tone Bar Clips
Balance Rail Felts
Front Rail Felts
Key Shims
Fender Rhodes Full Refurb Kit
2 x VV pickups and 3 Mk I pickups

Never gigged, home studio use only

Local pickup preferred.

Dimensions (approx.) - 90cm x 58cm x 25cm (35in x 23in x 10in)

Weight - approx 45kg (99lbs)

Will ship internationally via UPS. Buyer pays all shipping, insurance and customs costs.

Asking $AUD 3500

Can add more pics if people are interested.


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