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Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / Rhodes strange sound on attack
« on: November 27, 2018, 05:02:18 AM »
Hi all! I finally bought a Rhodes Mk. 2 last summer and - with all its problems and need of maintenance - I love it. A big thank you to all in this forum for valuable info so far!

Lately I've struggled with a problem I can't diagnose. There is a strange extra noise in the attack of F#-3 that makes the attack very muddy. Here's a link (I hope the quality suffices):

My best quess is that the damper releases the tine too late and prevents normal attack. I could not verify this visually however and adjusting the escapment didn't help.
Any ideas?

Problem number two: How much is normal regarding overtones in the bass segment? With all the voicing in the world I've not managed to make the bass department anything but very overtony.

Like this:

Thank you all in advance!

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