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Hi all - first thing’s first - a huge Thank You to all on this forum who contribute.  The advice and experiences here are very helpful.

Keeping it short, I’m finally embarking on restoring as well/as much a 1977 MarkI 73 Stage. She’s in bad shape, somewhat playable, but way out of whack and in need of everything mechanically.  I’m going for the delux VV restoration pack (grommets, screws, dampers, hammer felt, probably graduated tips, maybe Miracle Mod - I play with a pretty heavy hand so I’ll try a few keys). The case lid and bottom shell are failing at the joints, have been reinforced with 1” alum angle, Tolex is gone on top and near gone on the bottom. 

So that’s the bad news; the good news is that though it’s about a D+ mechanically and cosmetically, all the parts are there and seem restorable. All the legs, braces, and even original pedal are there. There’s a goofy electronic mod (maybe a vibrato?) that seemed to be useful at one time, but has been mercifully euthanized.

In short, I’d like to start restoring the action outside the case if possible or advisable, as I’m pretty resolved to having to build a new enclosure. Until I get access to a shop, I’d like to have the project moving somewhat. Is it advisable to pull the keybed/action/harp out and work on it on a nice level workbench? Or is it necessary to have it in the enclosure?  And any advice for enclosure building would be great - I’ve seen some other threads covering this.

Many thanks!

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