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I have got a brand new Vintage Vibe Piano with 64 keys and build in preamp. Tried severals ways to record to my audio interface and prefer the sound direct from the harp, instead of the build in Preamp. Also I have tested with my clean Brunetti Singleman Amp (a la Fender Blackface) and still prefer the uncolored sound direct from the harp into my RME UFX Audio Interface at Instrument Level and get quiet good results.

The sound is warm and bells. I miss the 'bark' of my old 1975 Rhodes and hope my Rhodes Engineer can help me to set it up more dynamically with less bell and more 'bite'.

There are two units I think they can help to improve the sound for recording:
  • Sansamp Para Driver D.I. V2
  • Empress ParaEQ

I have no experience with D.I. and don't know D.I. helps to get better results? Cable length is no issue and my RME UFX Interface has an HI-Z Input already.
What do you think about these units, or do you recommend other solutions?

Thank you,

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