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 I want to add metal support pieces to the 2 back corners on a MK1 that do not have any metal pieces on them...

 the back of the bottom half, that sits under the top. they have to just wrap around, with no lip, I believe?

 does anyone know where I can find something like this?


 *edit* reason is: I leave the lid up vertical, against a wall, and the weight is starting to pull at the corner seams of the bottom cab. But if those corners had support, it would be fine


 I was looking at the wiring in my MKI, and the signal going to the tone/vol controls is just fed via an RCA jack + cable from the back of the harp

 I hear a lot of people advising to bypass of the tone/vol controls, for recording

 what I propose to do is just add an RCA splitter cable back there. it would:

 1. retain the existing vol/tone control output
 2. add a second 1/4" output that feeds from the other RCA, which would be DI

 I would need to drill a 2nd output jack on the front of the panel though. there is lots of room there, to the left of the existing 1/4"

 any reason not to do this? not keen on drilling holes in vintage stuff, but it would be pretty unobtrusive, and very useful.

 I could even use both outputs to feed stereo/multiple signal paths


 the two 2" pins that hold my damper rail in ( at each end ) keep sliding out and falling into the inside of the rhodes, getting lost

 I am afraid to move the thing. actually one of them is inside somewhere, and I can't find it :D

 is there a common fix for this? I can't imagine all the touring musicians of the past 50 years having to deal with this?

 I almost want to get a single long piece of rod instead, running the width of the chassis. but it would be tough to install


 ps it is a MK IA from 1971, stage model


 have an old Stage 73 from 1972 or so,

 some of the keys have a loud wood/plastic *clunk/thwack* sound when you release them

I assume the hammer is hitting something on the rebound?

I pulled the top off and can see the hammers bouncing after release: all of them bounce, but only some make the loud wooden THWACK sound

did a bit of research, and apparently these early ones did not have felt on the hammers. do I need to add felt to the hammers?


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