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Just wanted to post that a company Shipnex was used successfully by a a fellow in Iceland to get a keyboard from America to him for about $500. I thought he was kidding but I checked the company online and sure enough that price was correct even adding $2000 insurance and choosing that the shipper picks it up from the seller. Took about 10 days to get there. I would have missed that estimate big time on The Price Is Right as I figured it would be at least twice that or more. And their shipping rates inside the US are low as can be. BUT, have any of you have any experience using them and if so how did it go. And I do know ideally, it's best not to ship. He's interested in getting my 73 Fender Rhodes Mark 1 Stage 73 to him and gave me the name of that company. I probably won't do it but I thought this company Shipnex might be good option for some of you willing to ship. If I were going to do it, I would put substantial rope around the case, bubble wrap all around the case on top of the rope, couple of blankets taped well on top of the blankets and more rope around the blanketed case. What do you think?

Hi Fender Benders,
       Just happened to check Wikipedia's description of "Fender Rhodes" and thought it was well done and just a good brief overall take on it. Wonder if there are any errors in the description you Rhodes wizards know of. Here I hope is a working link to it....

T-Rex here..Sorry about my mistake fellas and thank you Vintage the kit yesterday along w the new tine. Will be watching Chris's video again before I install them. Borrowed a vise yesterday from a friend to put the tine on the tonebar. JB

Would like opinions on this. Since a Rhodes is somewhat acoustic and electric, wouldn't having the keyboard on a flat table vs original legs possibly change the tone of the Rhodes. Just curious. I don't have the legs or pedal with mine but have it on a table. I did, yesterday, by sheer luck come across a heavy duty Titan stand for it that will hold it. Thanks everyone and I will leave you all alone for a while. JB

I have 2 tine blocks that are up flush against the rail and they are not supposed to be according to tech will dampen the sound and the sustain when the hammers hit the tine. Wouldn't the most likely cause of this be old grommets or bent screws? Could it be anything else? JB

Just wondering since I have new grommets and screws coming from VV for my '73 Fender Rhodes 73 and I thought the washers came with them but don't, will local hardware washers work just as well? And if there's anything else you might add to help with me changing them all out I'd be grateful. I have read just about everything I can find on it. One place recommended filing off the top threads near the heads like earlier screws used but is that really necessary or recommended? Thanks. JB

Novice t rex JB here,
   The very first far left tine was the only thing missing on the harp I purchased and I installed a new pre-cut one from VV today and it's doesn't sound very good plus I can't get it to sound any lower than the key next to it even with spring almost to the pickup.The tine was almost too long and I had to move the pickup away from it when I installed it. I am using a, found in the case spring, that looks like all the rest already on the harp. I know the screw that holds the tine body has to be put on the tone bar very tight and I did not have a vise and but it seems very secure and I did the best I could with a rachet and socket. Up for suggestions and thanks once again. jb

Hi Wizards, Fans, Players, Sean, Rhodesmasters, Stevio and forgive me if I'm leaving someone else out,
Though I have done the "tap the magnets test" 3 times with the amp on and gotten consistent good results thru all 73 pickups and aligned all tines and pickups correctly but still can't get much if anything out of the last 11 high treble keys I'm suspecting hammers aren't hitting the tines but can't actually see it even when I look directly at them while striking such short tines. It's not like longer ones you can see vibrating as you strike them. Or maybe it's my eyesight and departed high end and cobwebs. I hope someone has a recommendation, I'm all partial ears. So, my question is: If I pivot the harp up vertical after removing the screws, with the amp on and strike the tines lightly with say, a small screw driver and it makes good noise, wouldn't that indicate the pickups are good and the hammers aren't hitting them? Note, I did the above and get no sound from keys 61 thru 73 after tappinng the tines with the harp top vertical. All the magnets on the pick ups sound exactly the same when tapped and plugged in to an amp so is the tapping the magnets not a fool proof way to ascertain pickup performance?

Just want to say what a great website this is with a great attitude and terrific players to be part of..thank you all.  JB

I think I finally figured out why no sound from keys 71, and 73. Looks to me like the hammer tips on those two are hitting the block part of the tine not the rod itself. What might be the remedy or can I adjust the hammer position to hit the rod like it's supposed to? Thanks. JB

     Don't laugh too hard, at an impasse with my "73 Rhodes Stage 73 not apparently putting out any sound on the last 11 keys, 62-73. All pickups tested good by the magnet tapping test and I can't see any breaks in wiring so I have a  question. Since these keyboards don't have much output to begin with and I'm using a cheapo POS Crate 30Watt amp, could it be it's not strong enough for the high end or am I just howling at the moon? I have a friend who has some vintage Fender amps but don't want to bother him if this is surely a pipe dream. Thanks very much.

Hi folks,
Anyone recommend what to check to find out why I'm not getting any sound when I hit the high end keys 62 thru 73. Nothing obvious that I can see or feel upon close inspection and I don't see any corrosion on any pickups. 1 thru 61 work and sound fine. I would think it has to be something simple though not necessarily obvious or easy to fix. Would a posted photo of that section help? I didn't have the amp(Crate) I used to test it up very high in volume, would that make any difference? Thanks!

Hi Folks, I finally got my Rhodes to sound off(Yea!) after cleaning a corroded connection but can't seem to hear anything from keys 62 thru 73. Everything looks consistent closeup, no loose wires or corrosion to speak of and sounds good up to those last 11 keys. I'm running it thru a Small Crate amp which I know is not spectacular. Any thoughts would be appreciated. One last thing, I don't hardly have any high end hearing left.


Hi, New to this forum and thanks in advance for helping me. I've acquired 1973 Fender Rhodes Stage 73 and can't get any sound to come out. Have cleaned the input jack as recommended by a local luthier but nothing, do not see any loose wires anywhere. If have my Rhodes right, there is no amp of any kind or pre amp on these so I'm up for suggestions as what to check next. Overall condition is very good, no rust, one missing tine rod on the first key and one down key at the other end. Any help greatly appreciated.


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