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Hi everyone,

This is my first post to the forum so if I am posting in the wrong place or breaking any forum rules please know that it was unintentional and I will correct my error.

My fiance was quick on the draw of a Facebook market place ad for a rhodes in a state of disassembly and disrepair. The date stamp on it reads April 24 1970. It is missing a bunch of parts, damper arms, sustain pedal, parts of the legs, most of the case hardware but most importantly the keys. I was hoping to salvage this thing as a fun restoration project (I restored a 1977 MK I Stage 88 and found it incredibly rewarding) but I am starting to think that without the original keys that were made alongside the rest of the action that this might not be possible. Will keys from another Rhodes from the same era stand any chance of working or should I just keep it/sell it off for parts? Does anyone know where I can get some keys if that would work? I know vintage vibe has them but that would be a pretty expensive route to take. If anyone has a set of keys up for purchase I would be interested to hear what they might want for it.


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