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Hi Couldn't find this particular issue with search.  I'm almost done restoring this rhodes. The 5-pin vibrato technically works and I did the recap kit from avion.  I'm wondering if I'm experiencing normal vibrato behavior or if there is some work I could do to improve the response:

1) The intensity knob seems to affect overall volume. When it's at minimum, no change in volume. As I increase intensity the overall volume drops in proportion. 

2) The vibrato is noticeably louder on the left channel, I can see the levels in my mixer so it's not just my bad hearing  ;D. At max intensity I'd say it's at about twice the level.

Is that par for the course or is there something I could check for in the circuit?

Thank you

The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Restoring '82 MkII Suitcase
« on: September 02, 2020, 04:43:30 AM »
Just joined the forum - I've enjoyed searching/reading through various posts here looking for info, so as way of introduction I thought I could add mine to the bunch.  Apologies for lengthy first post! Just recently acquired a MkII suitcase and have a question on felt but also looking for tolex/lid color advice.

1) It's in pretty good shape, considering its age. All the white pickups work, surprisingly.  Just going through the cleaning now, ordered an action refurb kit and a preamp rebuild kit. This Rhodes one uses the two strips of green felt for the front key rail instead of those felt washers,  and they are a bit grungy. I've read the keys don't really touch it 100% but it affects aftertouch feel?  I can't find front rail felt strips on VintageVibe's shop and wondering if I remove it if I can replace with the felt washers they say 'aren't compatible with plastic keys'? I'm wondering if they say that because there's already the strip felt there or if I remove the strips then it would be compatible.

2) Color - As you can see, it's the black name rail. I haven't seen many images of that style online, but I do have to replace the ripped tolex, especially on the speaker cab, and I can't find any examples of custom color with the black rail. I'm afraid if I pick something the rail will not match or stand out too much, if that makes sense. Originally I really liked the seafoam green tolex + cream lid pictures (I think from Chicago Electric Piano Co) but I don't think that color combo would work very well on this MkII.  Would anyone have any recommendations? Maybe tweed with some color on the lid? Maybe I should just embrace the black.

I attached a photo of what the piano looks like now. Like most 'seasoned' things, it's got some history. The owner said it was mostly used in their recording studio but lent out (or rented out, I can't remember) to some famous regulars.  I drove across the state to pick it up, they were nice enough to hold it for me - said they'd prefer it go to a nice home instead of some guys who said they'd just flip it. So I'm trying to do the restoration justice.   Thank you

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