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I have made pretty good progress on my 73 stage and am now in the escapement/voicing phase.  As it sits now I am seeing the escapement a little on the high side with 3/8 on the bass and 1/8 on the treble.  I am considering knocking off the factory wood shims and fabricating some thinner shims to get the escapement lower but unsure if it would be worth the effort as I dont have a good grasp on how it would effect the feel of the piano.  Any thoughts?    The clip below is what I am shooting for when voicing.

Parts, Service, Maintenance & Repairs / How to get more key dip? (Rhodes)
« on: September 08, 2020, 12:32:43 PM »

I have a 1977 Stage 73 and have it completely torn down and cleaned.  I decided to replace everything, I have rebushed both rails, , new combs, new tips, damper felts, bridle straps, ect...  I am in the process of leveling the keys and then am going to do the bump mod.  I have limited keydip at both the bass and treble ends with 3/8 being the shallowest on the bass end with just the felt and no punchings.  This rhodes has the aluminum action rail.  Is there a protocol to get more key dip?  Also in a mock up I am finding that the name rail is too low pressing down the end keys and making it worse.  I figure I can just shim the name rail on the cheek blocks.  Any thoughts?  Thank you in advance.

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