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The Wurlitzer Electric Piano / New (to me) 140A questions
« on: January 07, 2021, 11:35:08 PM »
I just picked up a pretty nice 140A Wurlitzer and would potentially like to try and give it a bit of a tune up. It’s in pretty good shape as is with a few minor issues.

First question I have is, is it typical to remove the volume/trim pots from the lid to work inside of it? Or do you guys just sort of tuck the lid to the side somehow? I popped it open hinged forward toward the keys, and it seems almost impossible to get in there otherwise to check out the action etc. or is there some trick I’m missing? Looks like the later 200 models hinge up / toward the back.

The main issue I’m having is a good portion of the treble side is very soft / quiet. I’ve went through and watched a handful of videos from vintage vibe detailing the process for voicing and tuning (on a 200). Seems like most of the pickups are fully horizontal. Could it need new reeds? Maybe cleaning of the reeds? They look pretty centered between the pickups I think but I’m very green to all this. I’m very interested in learning more about this beautiful instrument. The reeds seem to ring out on acoustically, so I’m thinking placement or pickups might be the issue.

Luckily it sounds pretty clean, is decently in tune, although the amp looks to be pretty old caps. The transformers look to be mismatched. Should I be concerned about any of the electronics given their age? I read a few posts about some death cap potentially being a risk factor and that kind of freaked me out. Is there any info on the amp differences between the 140A & later B model?

Overall it sounds and feels in pretty good shape aside from the treble sides softness. And it’s not every note in the treble, but I’d say the majority has a few db lower output and far less bite than the lower register. Starts at middle C up.

While I love the idea of eventually learning all the ins and outs of servicing this my self, I’m also interested in having a tech potentially give it an initial once over. Can anyone recommend any techs in the Detroit Metro area?

Thanks y’all!

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