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Does anyone know the exact model of Rhodes used in the recording of Just the Way You Are? It was recorded in 1976, and you can see Billy playing something in 1977 here.

I want to be able to play the song and have it sound like the original. It's like 90% of the reason I want a Rhodes.

I read that on Sesame Street he played a mark ii eighty eight, but that had to be later. If it doesn't matter which model I get as long as I set it right (especially considering Billy clearly saw value in getting a Mark II), that's cool too and I'd be curious to know that, especially because I'd prefer an 88-key, which maybe he didn't use originally (I haven't looked at the sheet music though for hints).

If you know what phaser and settings and stuff was used too, I'm a total noob so I don't even know what a phaser is. I just know this video and thread seem to indicate that the small stone is, if not at least a good substitute, the actual thing used. Idk how to adjust the settings, though, since I'm not planning on looking into that stuff too much until I've decided what Rhodes model I want to buy. Anyone know the steps for a noob to achieve the sound? Instructions that are only intelligible once you understand how phasers and the Rhodes work are good enough - I can reference them later as long as I know they exist.

I really want to replicate this sound and to be able to play it, bur if that's not a realistic goal then idk if it's worth going through the hassle of learning about all this stuff for me, so that's why I'm asking about the specs beforehand.