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Hello all, new guy here.  Just picked up a Rhodes Mark II for next to nothing.  I knew going into it that many of the pickups were bad, it has the dreaded "white tape" pickups that have the corrosion issue.

Went through and tested all of them using the Vintage Vibe youtube videos as a guide.  26 were bad ::)

I am on the fence as to what to do next.  Keeping with the spirt of a budget project I don't think I am going to buy 26 new pickups and install them.  Leaning towards rewinding all of them as I don't trust that the remaining "good" pickups wont fail down the line.  I've got more time than money and building a jig for rewinding is not an issue.  I have searched here and have found some good info.  I think I will follow this post as much as I can

Anyone have a good source for 37 or 38 AWG magnet wire?  Amazon is most likely where I'll pick it up.  Seems like slightly smaller spools is a good idea to reduce breakage.

Am I a crazy person for wanting to rewrap all these?  haha
Going to order some parts soon and will keep posting updates if folks like.  Other than the pickups everything is in good condition here.  Little wear from age but I like some patina.
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