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To those of you who own a plastic key Rhodes mark II, do you prefer the balance rail in the near or far position relative to the player? For people who aren't aware, they routed two grooves in the bottom of the case for the plastic balance rail giving players a choice of "soft" or "hard" touch. I recently moved mine to the closer position and am finding the action to be a bit too stiff, but I was wondering what others' preferences were and why. I can't decide if I should just leave and strengthen my hands over time or switch it back. Any input or information about my piano would be welcome!

Hello everyone! I'm totally new to the forum, so I hope this kind of post is appropriate. I recently purchased a Rhodes that was in near mint condition, came with the original warranty, owner's manual, tine repair kit, and even a polytone amplifier catalogue with schematics! Anyway, time alone had still worn some parts, so I have replaced all the screws, grommets, tone bar springs, hammer tips, and have meticulously voiced, adjusted pickups, strike line, escapement, key dip, and key leveling over the last few weeks. No matter what I do, however, a prominent bell attack sound prevails and I was wondering if this is just normal for Rhodes pianos and I should get used to it, or if I did something wrong with my setup. I have included links to Youtube videos of two recordings I made this morning, one with harder strikes and faster playing and one with slower and lighter dynamics to demonstrate the difference in 'bell-y ness' according to my playing style. Let me know what you think, and if you notice anything else I could work on based on the recordings. I recorded via direct-in with some EQ and compression, that is the best recording setup I have at the moment. I apologize for the sloppy playing  ;)

While we are all here, can anyone guess what era my Rhodes is from the sound alone? I am simply curious to see what people think of my piano without bias, haha! If it is pertinent to the discussion, however, I would be happy to disclose. Thanks so much for allowing me into the community!

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