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Quote from: "multmin"
Might this be 48th week of 1979, 4th day of the work week? I know it's the pickup rail and not the tonebar rail...but still.

I guess I'll unpack it and look for the markings on the tonebar rail..
thanks for reply.

Great forum.. thanks for being here
I think I may be able to ' Stump the band'
I'm currently selling my Rhodes on Ebay

(hope that's ok) and have been asked the date of it.
according to the markings on mine it doesn't really follow any of the posted formulas for telling the date. I have owned it for over 25 years and bought it off my buddy who was busy having babies (w help wife of course)
I made a You Tube video and can post a picture if it's alright with the mods.

Flv clips is at

not sure how to post jpg to question
but the S/N is 755203
stamp says 4894
theres a circle on it says FRR15

This thing hasn't been near a store in all the time I've had it.
My son (drummer) in the video  wasn't even born yet ,
so does anyone know what the deal is?
Nothing has been replaced
pads are felt. ( but still like me):roll:

Thanks for all responses

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