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Preamps, Modifications & Upgrades / Re: Retroflyer Preamp
« on: June 09, 2019, 01:27:43 AM »
I purchased a Retroflyer Preamp from Avion Studios a week ago and installed it a few days ago on a Mk1 Stage 73.
In a word it sounds "amazing"- makes a major difference and improvement in output, EQ, tonal capability and the tremolo effect is great.I have a Mk1 suitcase Rhodes also with a Janus preamp ( as well as an original "Dyno My Piano" module on another Mk 1 Stage piano) and the Retroflyer is far superior in what it does and shapes the Rhodes sound to the Janus Preamp or the Dyno Module plus it has 2019 technology and components in the PCB board and not 1970s electronics.Also I can highly recommend Avion Studios products and Morgen as a Rhodes tech and general all-round helpful person when it comes to supplying and advice on Rhodes parts and Service.
Further more the Retroflyer is easy to add to the piano and the face plate looks great, fits well and does not detract from the original Rhodes namerail of the piano.
Get one ! a great product and asset to the Rhodes sound! :)

Hi James.
You messaged me a a few weeks ago re Rhodes piano for sale.
If interested I have a Rhodes Stage 73 mk2 piano for sale that is in excellent condition and sounds sweet. I haven't listed it for sale on any sites yet.
Asking $2700. Call me if interested or you have any question my mobile 0407-272487.

Hi James.
Thanks for your enquiry and interest.
Sold some. What are you mainly interested in Rhodes or Wurlie?
I have a great Wurlie 200a plays great, very good condition, serviced etc
Where are you located? I am Wollongong, Sydney area.
My mobile if any questions
Regards Mark👍🎹🎶

My name is Mark and I am a keyboard player from Sydney Australia who loves vintage keyboards,in particular Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos.I own a Rhodes Mk1 Stage and Suitcase 73 from the 1970s and a Wurlitzer 200A. I love your site and its members contributions as a support,help and reference base of vintage keys and wonder if you can help.I had my original Rhodes Mk1 Stage 73 modified with a Dyno Piano mod in the late 70s and it is in need of repair.This was the original mod as done by the inventor Chuck Monte from the USA.
If anyone out there has a copy of the original  schematic diagrams for these mods? Would you be able to provide a schematic diagram for the Dyno Mod and the Tri-Stereo tremolo that CHUCK INVENTED?
I would really appreciate your help if at all possible.
  • PS I have every issue of Keyboard Magazine from issue 1 in the 1970s to now with it's sad demise as a print issue magazine and it's incorporation into Electronic Musician and would be only too ready to help and reciprocate embers for their help for any past articles and stories over the the last 40+ years.

Regards from "downunder"

For Sale / Wurlitzer 200A electric piano for sale,Sydney Australia
« on: March 08, 2018, 10:13:12 PM »
I have a 1970s Wurlitzer 200A electric piano for sale . Great condition with servicing done and playing sweet.It includes the original legs and sustain pedal.
Genuine buyers please feel free to contact me with any questions and I can send some pics and a video/audio demo.
Price given on request.
Regards :)

For Sale / Fender Rhodes Mk 1 Stage 73 for sale Sydney , Australia
« on: March 08, 2018, 10:07:44 PM »
I have restored a few Rhodes pianos over the years and have played them since the 1970s.
At present I have a 1971 original Fender Rhodes Mk1 Stage 73 piano for sale. This one is from the "golden age of early Fender Rhodes- aka 1971" when quality control and build quality was paramount. It has been gone over and had new grommets, damper felts, bump mod added, some hardware replaced, regulated etc and is in great condition and sounds "sweet". Includes lid, original sustain pedal, legs, and even the original owners manual plus some spare tines etc.
Price $3200
I can post some pics and send a video/audio demo to genuine interested buyers on request. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
I also have a Wurlitzer 200A that I am presently completing work on that is also in great condition.
Regards :)

For Sale / Rhodes Mk 1 73 suitcase piano Sydney, Australia
« on: September 16, 2016, 08:39:25 PM »
Rhodes Mk1 suitcase 73 piano for sale Sydney, Australia. Serviced and in excellent condition for it's age. Includes stereo tremelo/ vibrato preamp and amp speaker box. A rare and classic instrument. Genuine enquiries welcome PM me.  :) $3500.

Hi tjh32.
The one I am working on is a 1973 Stage Fender Rhodes with the usual "extra angle bend" but it would be great to have a plan for a later 1970s one as well if you have one.
I noticed you have had one previously on the forum but it's been removed.
Thanks for your help!
You are a great asset to the forum.
Regards ;D

Hi tjh392
Thanks so much for your help.
Regards :D

Hi Dave.
Thanks so much!
You are a great help to members and a real asset to the forum.
Regards :D

hi all Rhodes fan. I have a Stage 73 that alas I have no lid case for. Why previous owners lose or discard these is beyond me?! :'(
Does anyone out there have a plan with the exact dimensions and plan for a Stage 73 lid as I am going to try and make one myself?
Many thanks and much appreciation if you can help.

I recently purchased a stage 73 Rhodes that has a few issues e.g It has an original Chuck Monte 1970s Dyno-my piano and Tri-Tremelo mod kit installed in the preamp rail which is not working and has been disconnected. I had my original Rhodes stage 73 converted in 1976 with the dyno mod, yet got rid of stupidly in the mid 1980s for $200 when Yamaha DX7s were all the rage and Rhodes were often given away!
Trying to re-live my 1970s music career and experiences here.
I'd really like to restore it and get a tech to check/rebuild this preamp and effect mod and get it working properly.
Does anyone out there have a circuit diagram and component listing for this great mod? (i.e composite mod rail with both Dyno eq and tri-tremolo kit installed.)
I would really appreciate any help as so far with my research I had turned up zilch!!??
Many thanks if you can help.
Musomarc :)

hi all Rhodes fan. I have a Stage 73 that alas I have no lid case for. Why previous owners lose or discard these is beyond me?! :'(
Does anyone out there have a plan with the exact dimensions and plan for a Stage 73 lid as I am going to try and make one myself?
Many thanks and much appreciation if you can help.

For Sale / Rhodes mk1 suitcase 73 for sale Sydney Australia
« on: June 25, 2014, 06:05:59 AM »
  :D hi all Rhodes fans in Australia. I have a fully restored Rhodes mk1 suitcase 73 piano for sale. Sonically and cosmetically in excellent condition. The amp has been reworked and serviced, original speakers, grommets, felts , hammers, pickups etc all A1. Stereo tremelo/ vibrato is awesome. Serious and genuine enquiries only. Home studio use only, not gigged. Will courier anywhere in Australia and carefully pack at buyers expense. $3500 neg.All replies answered. Regards

Hi Cormac and Dave,
Thanks so much for your speedy response and great help with the wiring details, diagrams etc!
Dave, when you used your 54 without the VV tone bomb preamp did you also only get a very low level of output from the piano?
Regards :) ;)

Hi all Rhodes lovers,
Working on restoring a Rhodes 54 stage and have just about finished BUT am getting a very low signal from the jack out on the preamp rail compared to from the harp ( via RCA).
It's probably X3 the level from the harp compared to from the jack out on the piano preamp rail. I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find a schematic circuit diagram for a Rhodes 54 preamp amp ( the one with 2 slider pots one is volume the other is tone).
Does anyone have a schematic for this preamp?  Possibly there may be a problem from the preamp wiring or components!
Or any suggestions to boost the output level from the jack out rather than use the rca Harp output. I know some people use external preamps e.g VV Tone bomb, but am wondering if there is a simple alternative to check my preamp and level or to boost it.
Great forum and always helpful advice Thanks!!!!

Hi Dave.
Thanks for the quick response, details and pic .I have now sorted it out.
The Rhodes I got from you are going strong!
All the best
Regards :D

Hi All,
I just recently picked up a Rhodes Stage 54 and am in the process of restoring it. It had the red coil pickups BUT 19 were out!
I know the pickup configuration in a Rhodes 54 were wired in series and different to the 73 and 88 stage models but as the last 10 pickups ( treble end were removed) I need to check the wiring to the harp and earth at the RHS end of the pickup rail.

Can anyone with a 54 Rhodes send me a pic of the far end (RHS treble end) to show the wiring of the pickups?
Or a diagram to show the pickup wiring configuration?
Also what kind of wire is recommended for connecting each pickup?

The Wurlitzer Electric Piano / Re: Retro Linear Wurlitzer Parts
« on: April 06, 2014, 08:34:47 PM »
Hi Mike,
Does the Retrolinear Warneck amp include the preamp board as an all in one board?
OR Is it normal to replace the preamp board as well when adding the Warneck board for amp/his/buzz problems?
Hope you can clarify.Thanks for your help.

Ok.Thanks anyway for the reply.

I am just checking if this Rhodes is still for sale? Would you accept an offer?
Kindest Regards

Hi Paul,
From what I know,you just need a 5 pin cable to go from the preamp ( available on Ebay US, but there is a 5 pin and 4 pin cable) on the piano to the janus box.The janus box will supply power to the piano's preamp and the 5 pin cable will carry the audio signal as well to the powered Rhodes Janus speaker box.
I'm in Australia as well.

Great work on the Suitcase rhodes.
Can you show me a pic of the bottom keyboard part and how it fits/sits onto the base amp/speaker?
I've always wondered how they fit or lock in place.A friend has one and the sustain pedal dosen't seem to lock into the top and I've suggested to him it needs realigning with the two sections.
Keep on Rhodes :)

Preamps, Modifications & Upgrades / Re: Hello from Retrolinear
« on: June 08, 2012, 08:30:25 PM »
Great work and video.What an improvement in sound!
Keep up the great work and postings.

Preamps, Modifications & Upgrades / Re: Tine Bomb on a Fifty Four
« on: May 05, 2012, 03:21:42 AM »
Hi Dave,
Thanks for the blog and detailed comments and sound demos.
It sounds great!
Keep up the great Rhodes work and comments, they are most helpful.
Mark :)

A Rhodes Mk 1 1970's had these knobs as per pic.
Hope this helps.Regards
Musomarc :) ;)

For Sale / Re: 1981 Seventy Three Mk II
« on: March 22, 2012, 03:45:57 PM »
Hi Shadetrees,
Thanks so much for your reply and offer.
Yes, I'm definately interested depending on shipping cost, but realise it will cost.
Please PM me and I give me your personal details and I will personally call you cell or landline and we can discuss.
Thanks so much!
What a great forum!
Regards :) :)

Hi Sean,
Thanks so much for the reply.Very helpful.
This is truly a great forum
Regards :)

For Sale / Re: 1981 Seventy Three Mk II
« on: March 22, 2012, 04:26:43 AM »
Hi Shadetrees,
Great restoration pics,videos and details.
If I was in Ohio or even the USA, I would buy it now.
Unfortunately I'm in Australia.Good charity and donation offer also!
Congratulations on restoring a classic, well done.

I've looked everywhere that is obvious but no luck so far!!!
I'm trying to salvage and repair the thread on a Rhodes Stage,screw in leg and the leg flange that attaches to the bottom of the piano case.
Does anyone know the size and type of thread that is on the end of the legs and inside the leg flange?
e.g is it 3/4" or 5/8 and type of thread like AF,Whitworth etc
All help greatly appreciated.
Musomarc :) :D

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