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Thanks, Simon, I will be visiting your site as much as I can, I've even got a few things you might want to put up there. I'm backed up with stuff to listen to for the forseeable future though!

Check this one out too, some great Hermeto Pascoal records with a load of Rhodes in them (search for "pascoal" obviously).
Buying / Your advice please
November 01, 2008, 10:10:09 AM
Quote from: "geyster"[
Is it the one?

Yep, that's the one!
Buying / Your advice please
November 01, 2008, 09:47:53 AM
I happen to know that the guy paid £400 quid for this a month or two back as a buy-it-now on ebay - I still track all the ebay UK auctions. Not that that makes any difference to what people will bid now for it. I'd get him to post you some photos of the innards as I remember that this one had a fair amount of corrosion on the tonebars (might be worth finding out whether the tines are corroded).
No worries, I'm glad people are starting to find it. It's been pretty quiet round here lately.

Do follow the links to other blogs on these two, there are loads more great sites. I got a copy of "Sunburst" by Eddie Henderson on one, I wished I'd bought it a couple of years ago when it was widely available, it's now almost impossible to find a t a reasonable price.

Also found a few torrents and Rapidshare links to some great '70s Hermeto Pascoal records with LOADS OF RHODES!

Isn't the internet brilliant?!
Buying / Buying a new stage piano
September 30, 2008, 08:01:52 AM
If you really want a stage piano (as opposed to a real Rhodes or Wurlitzer) then check out a nord electro 2. I had the rack version which meant I could use whatever controller keyboard I wanted/felt comfortable with. The keyboard version of the Electro 2 has light touch keys like a Hammond, which is great for the B3 model, just not so great on the Rhodes patches.

I recently sold my rack version for £475 and have seen a few around that sort of price mark. The keyboard versions are a bit more expensive (depending on how many keys you want). Check the readers' ads at for example (or post a wanted ad there). There are a couple listed there for sale now one 61 key (seems a bit pricey, I've seen them for £200 less) and one 73 key one.

The Nord Stage has expanded Rhodes patches which include the key off samples (dampers) but is probably out of your price range (unless you get lucky on a used one). There's one of these on soundonsound too though it's £1450 (but you could offer less).

Good luck.
Check out "Inner Source" by George Duke on the "Never Enough Rhodes" site. There are also some great live Herbie Shows from the early 70s.
There are some great Joe Farrell records on there too (My Jazz World) with Herbie and Chick. It's a great site; really like his whole ethos of rescuing music which hasn't been issued on CD, but also making sure that he removes the content and adds links to legitimate sites for purchase if it does subsequently become available. It works, I bought a CD listed there: "Heritage" by Eddie Henderson, great Rhodes from Patrice Rushen.
Lots of great OOP and bootleg concert Rhodes recordings:

And check this one out for free downloads of out-of-print vinyl classics, many of which feature Rhodes. Check out the Bennie Maupin Album "Slow Traffic To The Right", with Patrice Rushen on Rhodes, it's killer!
I checked out some screws of the right size in the hardware shop today. I noticed that the thread is a different size from the original screws - the distance between each ridge is bigger than on the original screws. Does anyone who has the replacement kits from MK or VV (or the McMaster screws) know if the those thread distances differ from the original factory screws?

The reason I ask is that I don't want to use a screw that will shred the board.

So is there no standard number of tonebar clips from the factory?
Wow! $10 is cheap. I think I've found the right ones here in the UK but they still are pricey:

Do these look right? If so I think I'll see if I can find them at a local (non-chain) hardware store for less.
I going to get a set of screw and nut drivers in the next few days.

I have been considering getting an updated screw kit but the Major Key and Vintage Vibe kits are so expensive considering you can buy those screws and grommets at a hardware store for less than half the price. I was looking into getting parts from the McMaster website as recommended by dnarkosis of this forum, unfortunately my frind who is in the USA at the moment can't bring them back because he has a lot of stuff to sort out and no spare time while he's there (his mum's terminally ill). I'm going to see if I can find the screws in a place like Wickes in the UK. I might have to order the grommets from one of the Rhodes parts places though.
That's what I'm using at the moment but it has stripped a couple of screw threads, which is why I need one with a better fit (or better screws).
Hi all,

sorry for being dumb, I used the search function and couldn't find what I was looking for.

Can anybody tell me the correct screwdriver type and size for the tonebar screws? I have limited tools at home at not very much experience with the different sizes. The ones I have don't have the best fit.

Also other tools needed, from what I can gather are:

1/4 inch nut driver for the pickup screw

5/16 inch nut driver for the tine-to-tonebar screw

Are these correct? Also are there any other sizes of driver I might need for other screws (such as the harp mounting screws, which are missing on my piano)?

The reason I ask is that a friend works for a tool company so I can get a discount from him  - I want to give him a list so he can price it for me.


EP Service in the Netherlands has some NOS Rhodes square hammertips.
cool, I thought so. The other thing which isn't clear is that #68 appears in both number ranges. So which is it meant to be? Two natural springs or one natural, one blue?
Quote from: "Jense"
Spring, Blue
Tone Bar Assembly Mounting
#68 thru #80 Rear

is this meant to be 68-88? Otherwise there's no info for the rear springs 81-88.
Cheers Mark II, that's just the ticket!
Hi all,

I've searched here and on the parts websites I know of. Does anyone know where I can fnd the 4 screws to secure the harp? They don't seem to be listed. They're the ones you remove so you can tilt the harp upwards for tuning etc. (I have a Mark II Stage 73.) Or does anybody have some spare ones kicking around?

I just hope the piano hasn't suffered from not having had them in place - it has been gigged a fair bit! I just don't want to move it again without securing the harp.

Thanks for hosting the pics, James - I appreciate it.

Quote from: "Mark II"congrats, quatschmacher, so your quest finally ended.

Well, as one journey ends, so begins another, as they say; I'll need to get it put into proper playing shape. Then I'll need get me into proper playing shape too. :) At least I can spend loads less time on the internet now!
Buying / Rhodes Home Piano Value
July 15, 2008, 03:53:52 AM
Even London is cheaper than mainland Europe for prices! If you can make it, it's probably worth coming over to the UK to pick one up. I was determined to pick one up here before moving to the Netherlands as I knew I'd be hard pushed to find one at a reasonable price.
Posted it in the "pics and story" sticky in the general forum. I couldn't get the image to embed but there's a link to it.

Well, hopefully the image upload works.

I just took delivery of this 1980 Mark II Stage 73 today :D

I've been looking for one for about 3-4 years now.

One came up last week, a 1979 Mark I stage 73, which had been in the owner's house from new. I had arranged to buy that after a lengthy talk with the owner who assured me of its great condition. Then my friend, who was going to give me a lift to pick it up, she crashed her car so I couldn't. Whilst trying to rearrange the pickup, the owner fianlly got round to sending me the pictures. It wasn't as good as he made out, so I backed out on Saturday.

On Sunday  I received a reply from one of my wanted ads from guy who has 1977 Mark I Stage 88. It didn't have the lid, pedal rod or brace knob, but I made him an offer. He said it was fine but was waiting for a couple of other offers coming back.

Then last night I was checking ebay (as I have been doing nearly every day for the last few years) and saw a 1980 Stage 73 listed. The seller was listing it for a friend whose numbers were listed in the ad. I rang the guy straight away and asked him about the condition etc. He said he only wanted £400 for it and said he could drop it off. I thought about it for about ten minutes and then rang him back to tell him I'd take it sight unseen (aside from a couple of photos in the listing).

24 hours later it's in my lounge! I'm sooo pleased. I was hoping for an early Mark I but at this price I'm not grumbling; I've been keeping records of sales for the last few years and this is the best (UK) bargain I've seen. It does need a bit of attention (a couple of pickups have a lower output and a hammer tip needs replacing) but on the whole it's great. I should hopefully be able to afford to get it serviced properly soon.
Found one! :D An absolute steal too! Finally after 3 years of waiting!

if you've got the cash, you might want to check out the Scarbee software-based Rhodes samples. These are much bigger samples than the Clavia ones and they sound amazing. Check it out here:

You'll need to have/buy a really top end PC or Mac to run it, but if you can afford it then this seems to be the best reproduction out there.
Buying / Rhodes Home Piano Value
July 03, 2008, 06:58:00 AM
PM sent.
The Fender Rhodes Electric Piano / Europe
July 03, 2008, 04:24:51 AM
Ben, you could fund your whole trip by bringing a Rhodes or two over and selling them here! You could undercut most prices and still make a massive profit!

Seriously, where are you visiting?
Thanks for the info, Olivier.
There's a guy in Beegden (in Limburg) who sells them on Marktplaats regularly. It might be worth contacting him to see what he's got in the pipeline. His name is Ruud and I know his ebay handle is "r73-88". If you've got an ebay account you should be able to get in touch with him via their messanging service.

I guess you've already tried There are always several on there of various vintage.
Quote from: "MikeMalone"Don't keep your Mark V in the closet. Sell it to me. I'll play it!!! :D

My sentiments exactly.
Buying / Any Rhodes in London
July 01, 2008, 05:39:39 AM
That suitcase has plastic keys and so is less desirable to most people. I still find these prices absolutely insane!

Damn I could have had a 1975 suitcase 73 for £800 if I'd had the funds at the time!
I'm playing a stage piano with a Nord Electro Rack 2 with Rhodes samples for the moment, which I'm sure are better than the HH thing.

Also I want to get a real Rhodes before I move because, bizarrely, they are cheaper here in the UK than they are in Europe.
Unfortunately that's not the case. I haven't really got the space in my house - I am still trying to get a Rhodes. Also I'm probably moving abroad in a few months so don't want to make things too difficult.
Well, the one I came across is being given away. I put up an ad for a Rhodes on my local Freecycle group and received a reply from someone who is giving this away on behalf of his/her church.
Hi all,

I've just come across an HH Electronic P73 electronic piano and was wondering if anyone knows anything about them. I did a Google search and found an old ad (1980) for one in an ebay auction. I'd appreciate any info you've got on these.

ebay ad:
Still looking! No luck so far - how bout a bit further afield?
Quote from: "Freddan"
I understand that it's a drag for those who have a Stage and prefer the "Suitcase"-patch. But that's the only sound that's not in both libraries.

Yeah, It's one reason I opted for the Electro instead of the Stage. I really like the Suitcase sample.  I did email Clavia a couple of years ago (when I bought the Electro) to ask them if they planned to add it at a later stage. From the reply I received it seemed like they might add it. That was quite a while ago now so doesn't seem likely. I wonder if there was some problem about how to label it without using the word "suitcase" (due to copyright)  whilst still being able to communicate what it was sampled from.

do you happen to know why Clavia chose not to include the Suitcase patch on the Nord Stage?

I just checked the Clavia site and they have some new acoustic piano patches for the Stage.
funkallero409, I sent you a PM.
Forgot to mention. I recently saw a Nord Electro rack for £375 (which is quite a bit cheaper than they normally go for used). There's a chance it may still be available, if you want the details, drop me a PM).
The samples on the the Stage are better than those of the Electro as they include key-off samples too. A definite plus for the Electro (which I own) is that it has a 1975 Suitcase sample (which the Stage doesn't, bizzarely).

I've tried my Electro and a Mark I Rhodes side-by-side through the same amp. In the lower register there was little to tell between them. However in the midrange (the section of the piano you'd probably be playing most of the time) the Rhodes was superior - so much more depth and richness in the tone.

I guess it depends what you need it for. In a band mix a Nord can be hard to tell apart from a real Rhodes (from an audience perspective), especially when using effects. Also you never have to tune or adjust the Nord. And it's very portable. Depending on the controller keyboard you're using, the feel can be quite different. I have the rack version of the Electro which means I have the freedom to choose a keyboard with good action to go with it. I wasn't fond of the action on the Nord Stage as it is a compromise between piano and organ action (the keyboard versions of the Electro are even more organ-feeling).

As the previous poster said, if you only want to use the Rhodes sounds you might as well get a Rhodes. I agree with that; I'm mainly using the Rhodes patches on the Electro (with a bit of Clav and Wurli, but I almost never use the Hammond clone, which is great, but I'm not really into it). I'm on the lookout for a Rhodes now (but will still hang onto the Nord if finances allow, though I may have to use it in trade towards a Rhodes).

There's one here (The Netherlands) item number 177052493 or type "  Fender Rhodes suitcase versterker" into the search bar. Asking price was €180 though someone has offered a higher amount

does anyone have a Rhodes for sale in the UK? Preferably near Sheffield so I can check it out in person. Any model considered (except 54-key or plastic-keyed Mark II). Let me know what you've got.
Buying / Should I be wary of this?
April 11, 2008, 06:47:00 PM
Hi Bjammerz,

the email does not appear to have made it (Hotmail sucks sometimes). Could you perhaps send me the contents of the email via PM?

Buying / Should I be wary of this?
April 11, 2008, 06:25:06 PM
I looked at the pictures again and it seems that the is a very faint imprint which probably is the date stamp. I only noticed it when I looked at the screen from a different angle (I've got an LCD monitor and it obviously isn't high enough up).

Bjammerz, I've sent you an email with the pictures, thanks for offering to check them out for me.
Buying / Should I be wary of this?
April 11, 2008, 01:32:01 PM
Hi all,

a Rhodes has come up locally (finally) that I might be able to get. I'm going round to try it out tomorrow. The thing is, in the photos I've seen of it, the wooden board onto which the tonebar assemblies are mounted has no Rhodes logo nor a 4-digit date-stamp. Also the sticker which carries the serial numer seems to be damged/defaced. Is there a rat to be smelled here? Might it just be that the harp board was replaced at some point?[/img]
Buying / how much is my stage 73 mark V worth?
December 13, 2007, 03:44:33 PM
Quote from: "The Real MC"Rhodes pianos tend to sell for less if they are missing either the legs or the sustain pedal/rod.

Since this is a Mark V is the lack of legs likely to affect value as much as with a Mark I or II? Wasn't the stand for the Mark V an optional extra as opposed to the legs of the I/II which came automatically with the piano?
Buying / Fender Rhodes 73 suitcase Mk1
November 25, 2007, 05:36:40 AM
There's going to be plenty of interest. Which method you choose to sell it you will make a lot of difference to the price. You could be nice to someone here on the forum (such as myself :-) ) and sell it at a reasonable price .

Or you could go the ebay route and make a killing. (I have been watching Rhodes pianos on ebay for a long time now in order to research prices before buying one and the three suitcase 73s which have been listed there this year went for £1120, $1286 and £1380.)

I just wanted to mention, in response to the poster who recommended putting a reserve on the auction: From what I've seen putting a reserve on the auction tends to keep the price lower in general as people give up trying to meet it, as does a high opening bid. Auctions with low opening bids without a reserve get more people interested as they all think they'll be able to win it and in 99% of the cases the final price is ridiculously high. (I've even seen auctions for Rhodes pianos with a buy-it-now price, say, £850, where the final price ends up being £1000 or higher because the first bidder put in a low bid (and hence made the Buy-it-now option disappear) and then loads of people got into a bidding war!
Or give one of them to me! :D