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Great. Thanks!

What type and gauge is the wire used to connect each pickup together? I have to replace a few shortened ones.

Also, on my 1980 73-key suitcase Mark II, just in front of the bridle straps, the lower bass dampers have a stock-looking elbow bend upwards before bending horizontal again to hold the damper felts. The rest of the dampers are just straight. Any idea on why this is so and what year these were used?

Finally, there a 2 felt strips running under the whole width of the keybed instead of individual felt washers around each keypost. Why is this so? Does it have any effect anything? Thanks

Sources For Generic Parts & Maintenance Materials / Actual pickup wire
« on: October 12, 2013, 09:40:48 PM »

I'm a relative noob with the Rhodes Suitcase '80 I have and have been looking around for a replacement of the actual wire used for the pickups. Are they G42 or smaller? Exact material? Would anyone know how many windings it has? How many Ohms? Been thinking of DIY rewinding a couple of dead pickups with replacement wire. Of course, I'm ready to buy original NOS pickups but just wanna save a few bucks if it's feasible. Thanks


Brought my Roland JX-8P synth to this guy who's supposed to know how to fix synths. When we got to his house, he noticed I was looking around his "shop" since there were some pretty old (read: vintage) stuff like acoustic pianos, a broken Roland RS-202, some digital recorders. He then says he has a Rhodes piano which was used by his dad in the late 70s-early 80s but has since been collecting dust in a room upstairs. At this point, my heart literally skipped a beat! We go in the room and first thing I see is an old vibraphone (I think it's a JenCo graduated 3-octave vibes--I searched the net--without the motor which was stored in another box somewhere). He then shows me the Rhodes that his dad also used to play. When I remove the dusty cloth covering, I discover that it's a suitcase piano. Not sure if it's a Mark II. I opened it up and looked inside. About 10 pickups were missing (mostly for the topmost keys but around 6-7 were in a plastic bag located in the compartment). I wasn't able to lift the harp to see the hammers. The amp and speaker base seemed ok on the outside. It's labelled 220v (don't know why since from what I've seen on the net, they're mostly 110v). I didn't have enough time to inspect more closely and just got the following pics. Wasn't even able to turn it on. Could anyone tell me exactly what model this is? And why it's 220v? I'm hoping it won't be a major restoration since this'll be mostly a DIY project. I was able to date it to the 29th week of 1980. Correct?

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